Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1985

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1985 – Madeline had very keen observation skills. She could tell what tricks this woman had up her sleeves.

However, just when Madeline was about to take precautions, Hannah suddenly took out a fruit knife from her pocket!

Hannah stood up abruptly, holding the fruit knife in one hand, and aimed it at her wrist.

A timid female employee around them screamed in terror.

Madeline looked at Hannah’s reaction, and of course, she knew that this was one of the woman’s methods.

However, Madeline asked Coco to call the police and an ambulance, just in case.

The number of people who came to watch this gradually began to increase, and Hannah also felt that it was almost time to continue the second act of the performance.

She held the fruit knife and looked at her wrist as if she was struggling.

Madeline, who had guessed Hannah’s motives, did not panic in any way. “ Hannah, please stop your irrational behavior. If you want to use this to achieve your goals, you are still too naive.”

Upon seeing Madeline maintaining her calm at such a moment, Hannah bit her lip, refusing to back down, and then Hannah finally made up her mind.

She was still playing the role of a pitiful and aggrieved character. She cried and, in front of everyone, said to Madeline.

“Ms. Montgomery, I know that my behavior today disgusts you. Even if I were to go back now, you’d definitely find someone to make a move against me again. The result would be the same anyway, so I might as well end myself right now!”

Hannah’s remarks, which undoubtedly portrayed Madeline as a cruel and devious woman, made the audience around them start doubting Madeline.

Madeline, however, was not afraid of these doubts at all. She blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Hannah with a smile on her face without saying a word.

Hannah was confused. How could Madeline be so calm?

She must be putting up an act.

Even though Hannah felt that Madeline was just pretending, however, Hannah was still panicking.

“Alright, I understand what you mean now. I’ll end all gratitude and grudges right here right now!”


Madeline merely gave a one-word response, and it was as though she answered with alacrity.

“End everything right here then.”

“…” Hannah was stunned upon hearing that.

However, Madeline smiled calmly and looked at everyone around them.

“There are so many people watching. You said you want to end yourself, so go ahead. It’s none of my business what happens to you anyway. If this is your desired result, then you can slash your wrist right now.”

Hannah had nothing to say to that. She held the fruit knife and dared not do anything for a long while.

Madeline looked at her, and she lifted her beautiful eyebrows as if she was waiting for Hannah’s performance.

Hannah looked at Madeline blankly, and she felt the crowd around her criticizing her, yet none of them were doubting Madeline.

She was pissed, but she did not know how to vent it right now.

Madeline caught sight of the fire in Hannah’s eyes, and Madeline was even calmer now.

“Alright, you should put a stop to your tantrum now. Everyone still needs to go back to work. Miss Bolton, if you’re not done, you can continue in my office. Please don’t disturb my employees’ work. ”

After Madeline said that, she turned around carefreely.

Hannah was even more enraged with Madeline ignoring her.

“Eveline, do you really think I wouldn’t dare to do it? Do you think I’m just scaring you? Alright, just wait to be in the headlines. I want everyone in Glendale to know that Eveline Montgomery’s the one who forced me to end my life!”

Madeline could hear Hannah’s threatening voice from behind her. Suddenly, when she was about to ignore her, she heard the screams of female employees from a side.