Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1977

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1977 – That test reagent?

Shirley’s expression changed. Her eyes moved about as she thought, but she could not figure out which test reagent Carter was talking about.

That was because she had developed too many kinds of test reagents back when Carter ordered her to do so.

The sight of Carter’s sly smile sent a chill down Shirley’s spine. A terrifying feeling crept into her heart.

“What did you do to Eveline and Jeremy?”

“Are you worried about Jeremy or the partner with whom you fooled me?”

Shirley looked blankly at the man. She could tell from Carter’s expression that something was not right. He looked as if possessed, and there was only hatred burning in his eyes.

Did he hate Eveline and Jeremy?

Shirley’s heart trembled. She still could not figure out what test reagent Carter was talking about.

However, he already saw the uneasiness and apprehension on Shirley’s face.

He smiled and spoke no further.

Elsewhere, it had been a few days since Madeline and Jeremy went back to Glendale.

However, in these few days, Madeline kept feeling as if something was troubling Jeremy.

She thought he was worried that the injury on his leg would affect his walking in the future, but she felt that Jeremy was not someone who would be worried about trivial matters like this. Moreover, they had had a doctor look at his injury again and there won’t be anything wrong with it.

Today, after Madeline had ended her call with her precious little princess in F Country, she went to look for Jeremy in the study.

When she got to the door, however, she saw an annoyed Jeremy crumpling a piece of paper into a ball and throwing it on the floor.

He was in a bad mood.

Madeline felt that it was strange. Ever since they came back from St. Piaf, Jeremy was not his usual self.

She wanted to ask him, but she felt that Jeremy should have his reasons for not wanting to tell her.

The biggest reason might be because he did not want her to worry about him.

After thinking about it, Madeline turned around to make a cup of black tea for Jeremy. She then walked into the study with a smile.

“Jeremy.” Madeline smiled softly and gently as she walked slowly toward Jeremy.

When Jeremy saw Madeline, he quickly hid his emotions and gave the woman in front of him his usual gentle smile.


“Are you looking through your documents? Drink some black tea to warm your stomach. I just made this.” Madeline smiled and handed him the teacup.

Jeremy got up to take it, but for some reason, he seemed distracted. He had the teacup in his hand, but when Madeline let go of her hand, the teacup fell from his hand.

With a thud, the teacup fell on the floor.

While the teacup did not break into pieces, most of the black tea splashed on the back of Madeline’s leg. The freshly brewed black tea was very hot.

Madeline retracted her leg reflexively and let out a low groan.

Jeremy, who seemed to finally come back to his senses, grabbed Madeline’s hand and said, “Linnie, is it hot? Sit down first.”

He quickly helped Madeline to sit on the sofa.

He held Madeline’s leg and placed it on his lap, and then he took off her cotton shoe and sock.

However, even though she wore thick winter socks, the back of her leg still b****d red.

Jeremy’s heart broke at the sight of that. He quickly found the ointment for burns and carefully applied it for Madeline.

The cold sensation and Jeremy’s gentle application gradually quelled the pain from the b**n.

Madeline looked at the frowning man in front of her and lifted her hand to place it on his forehead.