Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1973

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1973 – The maid was stunned. She could not believe it and did not want to accept what she heard. As the turn of events kept replaying in her mind, a pained and conflicted expression danced on her face.

“What do you mean? What does this all mean?”

The maid looked at Madeline and Jeremy in confusion.

They were a couple?

If that was the case, why did Madeline marry Mr. Carter?

She could not wrap her head around this.

What confused her the most was why did Carter want to bring her and Jeremy together.

“Linnie, there’s something I need to tell you.” Jeremy’s eyes were filled with apology.

Madeline nodded. “I know what you want to tell me. This isn’t the place to talk. We should go now. I’ve booked tomorrow morning’s flight for us, so we’ll go home tomorrow.”

Jeremy furrowed his brows in suspicion. “Won’t Carter cause trouble to you?”

Madeline smiled. “He’s helpless now.”

After Jeremy heard that, a flabbergasted look appeared on his face, and then he smiled softly and held Madeline’s hand.

The maid looked at the backs of those two who had just turned around, and the maid, unconvinced, ran to them.

“Mr. Whitman, are you going to leave like that? That was my first time. Are you going to be so irresponsible?”

Madeline and Jeremy stopped in their tracks. When Jeremy heard what the maid said, a look of annoyance crept onto his face.

He was not in a hurry to explain anything. He looked at Madeline apologetically instead.

The maid, who was feeling even more helpless now, looked at Jeremy with tears in her unconvinced and devastated eyes.

“Mr. Whitman, I really like you. I consented to what happened just now, and I was also happy. So please let me go with you. I will take care of you properly in the future.”

“That’s impossible, ” Jeremy said suddenly. The way he denied her was abnormally decisive and cold.

The maid’s face froze, and suddenly, her initial grievance and despair disappeared, and her expression was replaced by an aggressive look.

“Jeremy Whitman, are you really going to be that heartless?”

The maid’s tone was provoking. She was starting to threaten him.

“Alright, if you’re going to be so heartless, don’t blame me for being immoral! Don’t even think about leaving St. Piaf tomorrow. I’ll call the police now and I’ll tell them that you forced me to engage in s****l activities with you. When that happens, none of you can leave! ”

After the maid said that, she was about to call the police.

“You’re calling the police, right? Here, I’ll let you use my phone.”

“..” The maid was at a loss when she heard what Madeline said. She looked blankly at Madeline who just handed her the phone.

Madeline smiled instead. “Aren’t you calling the police? Call them now. But when they do get here, it might be detrimental to you.”

“..” The maid was confused. She asked angrily, “

What do you mean by that, Eveline?”

“Nothing. I just hope that you remember what you said just now. You said that you consented to this and that you’re happy, didn’t you?”

“…” The maid stopped to recall what she just said. She did say something like that, but so what?

Madeline saw through what the maid was thinking at the present, and Madeline continued, “Since people around me are always framing me, I have a habit of making voice and video recordings whenever I go to a foreign place. Coincidentally,

I’ve recorded everything you said just now.”

“..” The maid’s face went pale. When she saw the confidence on Madeline’s charming face, the maid suddenly lost all confidence.

Madeline had recorded her!

This meant that even if the maid were to call the police, it would be useless because she had said that she gave her consent.