Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1968

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1968 – Aside from the exclamations from the people who knew Shirley, the people who did not know Shirley also looked shocked.

“Who is that woman?”

“It seems that she’s here to expose Carter.”

“Shh. Don’t talk nonsense. That’s the viscount of St. Piaf. Before we find out what’s going on, don’ t label people randomly lest we get into trouble.”

When everyone heard this, the atmosphere in the hall of the Royal Palace became abnormally silent.

Old Master Gray had a very deep impression of Shirley as well. He knew that Carter and Shirley had almost gotten married a few years ago, but after that, Shirley left the family and left St. Piaf for some reason.

The Old Master had not expected Shirley to look like this when he saw her again.

“Old Master Gray, I believe you’re not unfamiliar with me, right?” Shirley looked into the Old Master’s eyes fearlessly. “If you still remember me, I think you’ll believe what I have to say, isn’t right?”

Old Master Gray pressed his lips together and said,“

Go on.”

Shirley looked at everyone around her when she heard that. In the end, her eyes landed on Carter, whose face was turning as gray as ash.

“Miss Eveline Montgomery was telling the truth. This whole time, Carter only wants to use her identity and background to reach his goals. He doesn’t have any romantic feelings toward Eveline.”

Shirley said and lifted her eyebrows.

“Carter, have you forgotten? You told me that I’m the person you love. You told me that you’re only marrying Eveline to get the right to rule. You also said that once you have gotten the right to rule, you’ll have clear boundaries with Eveline, and you’ll make me your woman and make up for the regretful times when we could not be together.

Isn’t that right?”

Carter was speechless as he looked at Shirley who had a smile that reached her eyes.

She was doing this on purpose.

She had deliberately come here to say that and deliberately ruined his plan.

The fire in Carter’s heart further intensified. His fingers also clenched tighter.

However, he could not express his anger.

He was silent because he admitted that he had said those things before.

Looking at Shirley’s firm gaze, Carter knew that she was serious and that she came prepared.

When Old Master Gray saw that Carter had no retort, a look of disappointment flashed across his eyes.

Carter’s silence already explained it all.

The smile on Shirley’s face widened. “Carter, I’ ll take your silence as admission.”

She smiled and said.

“Don’t you think that this is strange? Who is Carter Gray? You were the top student of St. Piaf Academy. You’re a master in the field of hypnosis and an experienced professor. You’ve hypnotized Eveline with your unique hypnosis and controlled her thoughts, but why is she exposing your real self right now?”

Carter was indeed curious when he heard that. He was suspicious as well.

A moment earlier, Madeline had been listening to him, but in the next second, not only did Madeline go against his wishes, she even exposed his entire plan in front of everyone.

Carter could not keep his cool anymore. He wanted to know why. However, before he could ask, he got Shirley’s answer in the next second.

“Because before today, the hypnosis you put on Eveline was already been broken.”

“Impossible,” Carter said in denial, and at the same time, this also confirmed that he had hypnotized Madeline.

However, Shirley laughed sarcastically. “ It’s not impossible. I was the one who broke it.”

“… What did you say?”