Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1965

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1965 – Jim’s mother exposed Carter with no regard for his image. She had no intention of giving Carter any chance.

As she said that, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became serious.

Before deciding to have a wedding with Madeline, Carter had already made preparations a long time ago. He had asked those who knew that he and Madeline almost had a wedding to remain silent.

However, what he had not expected was that Jim’s mother would expose such information at such a time.

Nonetheless, this was also predictable.

Jim wanted to fight for the royal sucession, and of course, his mother wanted to help him.

Just like how Camille helped Carter.

Old Master Gray’s expression gradually looked displeased, and then he looked at Carter and spoke with a much calmer tone.

“Carter, this is a big deal. Is your aunt telling the truth?”

“Dad, how would I dare to speak nonsense during such an occasion?” Jim’s mother was confident; she had her card up her sleeve.

However, Carter did not panic at all. He smiled softly and parted his lips slowly.

“Aunty, if you want to say this, then yes, Eveline is indeed a married woman because a few months ago, Eveline and I had already signed the marriage certificate. After that, for some reason, Eveline and I never held the wedding.”

Carter spoke with a faint smile, looking slyly at Jim’s mother.

“Aunty, I know you really want Jimmy to win the right to rule. That’s why you want to cause trouble at my wedding with Eveline so that grandpa will change his impression of me. But do you think grandpa will believe your one -sided statement so easily?”

Carter said and turned to face the guests again.

“I believe everyone remembers receiving my wedding invitation a few months ago. I was about to marry Eveline but because of the appearance of a man who claimed to be Eveline’s husband, the wedding was temporarily terminated. In fact, that man was just a delirious, mentally ill patient, and these are well documented.”

After he was finished speaking, he did not forget to look at Jim’s mother with a serious face.

“Aunty, I know you really want to fight for Jimmy’s right to rule, but if you use this method to slander me, it will only ruin grandpa’s image of Jimmy.”

Upon hearing Carter’s words, Jim’s mother’s face fell, and she snapped back in anger.

“Carter, how dare you say that I’m slandering you! What I said is all true! What mentally ill patient? That man is Eveline’s real husband! ”

Jim’s mother spoke with her arms folded and sneered coldly. “Hmph. Carter, do you think we don’t know? You married Eveline just to use her background to increase your chances in the fight for the right to rule. You are using her!

“Dad, Carter is a very devious man. If you were to give St. Piaf to him, you wouldn’t be able to imagine what St. Piaf will become! ”

Old Master Gray hated it when people involved politics in his family matters. At this moment, his expression looked displeased.

Carter knew what the Old Master was thinking, and he smiled magnanimously.

“Grandpa, this is all a misunderstanding. How can I marry a married woman? Besides, Eveline isn’t an ordinary person. How would she marry me if she knows she has a husband? This is bigamy. Do you think that this is possible?”

Carter lifted his eyes to look at Madeline who was silent the entire time. He then slowly parted his lips.

“Eveline, why don’t you tell everyone in case everyone misunderstands you.”

Madeline blinked her beautiful eyes. When she was about to speak, she heard Jim chuckling next to her.

“Ask her? Heh.” Jim’s eyes were filled with disdain. “Everyone knows that the noble viscount has an extraordinary skill of hypnosis. Eveline has been hypnotized by you long before this.”

Carter, instead of being angry when he was exposed, smiled. “This is a joke. How can Eveline be hypnotized?”

He looked at Madelina after he had said that with a serious face.

“Eveline, tell everyone. Did I hypnotize you?”