Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1963

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1963 – After the door closed, the smile on Carter’s lips widened.

‘Jeremy, you’ve disrupted my life and k****d my child. I will eventually make your life a living h**l.’

Madeline waited in the lounge, and the stylist carefully helped her arrange her hairstyle and wedding dress.

She glanced at the digital clock on the wall and knew that the ceremony was starting soon, but Carter had not returned yet.


The door to the lounge opened at this moment, and Carter walked in with a warm smile on his face.

The stylist smiled respectfully at Carter and then conscientiously left the lounge.

“Carter, you’re back.” Madeline smiled, stood up, and walked toward him.

With a gentle expression, Carter looked at Madeline. “It’s almost time, Eveline. I’ll bring you downstairs.”

“I just had a glimpse earlier. There are a lot of guests downstairs. Are they all relatives and friends of your family?” Madeline asked curiously.

Carter nodded. “They are all relatives who are related to the royal family. Don’t be nervous. I’ll stay with you.”

Carter calmed Madeline with a soft voice, fearing that Madeline would be too uneasy and nervous, and then he urged solemnly.

“Before the wedding ceremony, I will take you to meet someone. He is the oldest and most authoritative elder with the highest status in the Louis family. Later, he may have a few questions to ask you. So, Eveline, answer carefully.”

Madeline raised her clear and beautiful eyes. “ Carter, what questions are you referring to? If I can’t answer them properly, will it affect you?”

Carter l****d his lips and smiled. “No, you’ll be fine.”

He answered confidently, but of course, he was confident because he had hypnotized Madeline, not to mention that he had completely engraved the things that he needed to exhort Madeline in her head.

When someone would ask her about the relevant matters later, she would tell them everything perfectly. There would not be any mistakes. Carter was very confident about this.

After hearing this, Madeline nodded very obediently.

Carter lowered his eyes and glanced at Madeline. In terms of appearance, Madeline would have definitely brought enough pride to him.

No one would dispute Madeline’s appearance.

All this while, the first requirement for their family to select sons-in-law and daughters-in-law was good looks and appearance for the sake of the genes of the next generation.

Evidently, once Madeline appeared in the eyes of everyone, no one would have any opinions on her appearance.

However, Carter’s heart was still somewhat conflicted.

As he looked at Madeline, his heart would think of Shirley.

Before Shirley’s accident, her appearance and looks were impeccably beautiful.

Shirley and Madeline were beautiful in their own way, but they were both equally breathtaking.

Although Shirley’s family had fallen from grace, her parents were once medical scientists of great distinction.

Even if she had no such honor and family background, he could still let her walk by his side, but now, she was unwilling.

As Carter thought about these things, they had arrived at the hall on the first floor without him realizing it.

The guests in the room, whose eyes were filled with blessings, watched Carter and Madeline appear. Jim and his parents were also among the crowd.

From the corner of Madeline’s eyes, she could see that Jim’s mother was looking at her and Carter with disdain and dissatisfaction while Jim’s face had an intrigued smile. Madeline held the bouquet and silently followed Carter as they walked onward.