Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1933

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1933 – When Madeline heard this, she turned around and saw Jeremy smiling at her.

Carter’s eyes were on him as well. He had a feeling in his heart that Jeremy was guiding Madeline so he could catch her off guard.

However, Carter was not worried.

Even a professional hypnotist would not be able to crack the advanced hypnosis he performed on Madeline, let alone Jeremy who knew nothing about hypnotism.

“Sir, do you mean…” Madeline looked at Jeremy with curiosity. “Do you mean I should ask you who you are?”

Jeremy nodded, still smiling. “You still haven’t asked me my name, Miss Montgomery.”

Madeline was a little stunned. It seemed that she thought Jeremy had said something unnecessary.

However, Madeline still smiled and asked, “Sir, what is your name?”

“My name is Jeremy Whitman, ” Jeremy answered Madeline’s question quickly. He then continued, “My wife likes to call me Jeremy.”

“…” Madeline stared straight into Jeremy’s deep and beautiful eyes. “Hello, Mr. Whitman. Nice to meet you. Is your wife not here with you to attend my wedding with Carter?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s bright and charming eyes. “She’s here, and she’s somewhere closest to me,” he said with implication.

Madeline sighed sorrowfully. She looked behind Jeremy, but she did not see anyone, so she could not understand what Jeremy was saying.

However, Madeline did not continue asking. She merely smiled politely at Jeremy. “Thank you for coming to witness our wedding, Mr. Whitman and Mrs. Whitman.”

Jeremy stood there and shook his head. “You don’t have to thank me, Miss Montgomery. We don’t have to use that word for the rest of our lives.”

Madeline was confused by what he said again. “Why did you say that, Mr. Whitman?”

“Hmm? Have you forgotten? Or has Mr. Gray used his famous hypnosis to erase some of your unhappy memories?”

As Jeremy spoke in a curious tone, he deliberately looked at Carter.

“Carter, even though Linnie and I were lovers, you ought to believe in your charm. There’s no need to hypnotize her.”

Madeline and Carter were stunned by Jeremy’s words.

Crater had not expected Jeremy to use this method, gaining the upper hand by taking a step back.

“Are you joking, Mr. Whitman? How could we be lovers? I’ve always been in love with Carter the whole time, ” Madeline explained seriously.

However, when Jeremy heard that, he felt as if his heart was savagely stabbed with an invisible knife.

His Linnie was indeed completely hypnotized.

Even his name could not bring about any sense of familiarity.

“Eveline, he’s just joking with you. Don’t take it seriously.”

Carter chimed in as well. Of course, he could not allow Madeline to start suspecting him of hypnotizing her.

Since he was worried that something might happen throughout Jeremy’s conversation with Madeline, Carter said, “Mr. Whitman, there are still many things that Eveline and I still need to attend to, so I’m afraid we won’t have the time to entertain you, so…”

“Oh, go ahead. I’ll head to a room to rest.”

“…” Carter had wanted to get Jeremy to leave his manor, but now, Jeremy had taken the initiative by walking directly upstairs.