Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1904

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1904 – “Oh yeah, Jeremy, I think I saw Carter when I walked out of the elevator just now. Did he come to find you or was I seeing things?” Madeline asked seriously.

“You weren’t. He came to find me, and he just left,” Jeremy said frankly.

“What does he want?” Madeline’s beautiful eyebrows knitted together without her realizing it. “ He’s clearly the one who caused all of this. He even indirectly caused Adam and Cathy’s deaths. Why does he keep thinking that he’s not at fault?”

“This is a problem with his character, and we can’t change that. Carter is a very confident man.

Conceited, to be more precise.” Jeremy could see through Carter.

“He’s knowledgeable, and he knows psychology and hypnotism. Plus, he’s royalty. Anyone would be arrogant and proud if they have this kind of status.”

When Madeline heard that, she looked at Jeremy with admiration in her eyes.

Jeremy looked into her beautiful eyes in curiosity. He then grabbed her hand gently, “What are you looking at, Linnie?”

“I’m looking at my husband. Aside from being royalty, everything about my husband is amazing, and yet you’re never conceited.”

Jeremy laughed upon hearing that. However, there was an intense regret in his eyes immediately after.

“No, Linnie. I was. Otherwise, how would I have let you down back then?”

When he said that, Madeline could see that the persistent regret and remorse in his eyes were here to stay.

Madeline did not speak. She merely reached out her hand to hold him.

Jeremy knew Madeline was just comforting him. He felt glad and warm, but he never forgave himself for the hurt he had caused Madeline even though she had forgiven him.

After some discussion, Madeline decided to go to Gray Manor to look for Shirley.

Madeline went alone but Carter was not there. Camille was walking out of the kitchen when she saw Madeline. She was surprised but she felt that this was expected.

“Are you here for Shirley?” Camille was right.

Madeline nodded. “May I see her?”

Camille looked at the bird’s nest porridge she held in her hands. “I think she’d prefer to see you now. Please take this to her and tell her to eat it.”

Madeline paused. She then came back to her senses and took the porridge from Camille.

“I will, ” Madeline said then went upstairs.

Shirley was sitting on the bedside staring blankly at the view outside the French window.

Suddenly, she heard the door opening but she was not in the mood to turn around.

“ I want to be alone, ” Shirley said without turning around.

Madeline looked at Shirley’s side profile and she felt pity for her.

In truth, Shirley was not that evil. At least, she had turned back.

“It’s me,” Madeline said.

Shirley, slightly shocked when she heard that, turned around abruptly.


“Yes, it’s me.”

Madeline saw surprise and confusion on Shirley’s face.

“I have something to tell you, but you have to eat this.”

Madeline said as she walked to the side of the bed. However, when she was about to hand the porridge to Shirley, Shirley got close to Madeline, and Shirley was very emotional. “No, there’s no time for this. Carter might come back soon. I don’ t have much time to talk things over with you. Eveline, listen, you and your family will be in danger, especially…”