Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1887

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1887 – From the anxiety in Carter’s tone and statement, Madeline could hear how much he wished Shirley and the child in Shirley’s stomach to be fine.

However, what he got was the doctor’s remorseful shake of his head.

“What’s your relation to the patient?” the doctor asked him.

Carter seemed to be stunned by the question. Who was Shirley to him?

Was he her husband? No.

However, she was pregnant with his child. Her sweetheart?

Not even that.

He had never given her any promise as sweethearts would.

The relationship between them could no longer be described in simple words.

The doctor thought it odd when he saw Carter not speaking for a long time. And then Carter finally spoke.

“I am her… lover.” ‘Is that right?

‘She should still love me, right?’ Carter thought, comforting himself.

When the doctor heard this, he interpreted this as them being husband and wife.

“Sir, I’m sorry to tell you that the child in your wife’s womb was already gone while you were on the way here.”

Carter’s heart turned cold after hearing the doctor’s answer.

He was stunned, and his eyes lost focus. It took a good few seconds before Carter, not entirely present, continued to ask, “What about my wife? How is she?”

“Many of your wife’s bones are fractured. Her waist was the most serious, and we’ve discovered that her legs seem to have already lost their ability to function. Coupled with her current waist injury, it’s almost impossible for her to stand up again.”

“I’m not asking about this! I only want to know if she can continue to live properly! ”

Carter lost control and yelled.

The doctor, shocked, quickly answered.

“Yes! Of course! She’s not in any danger, but she won’t be able to live like a normal person.”

“Who says she can’t? As long as I’m by her side, she’ll be able to live like any other normal person! ”

After the red-eyed Carter was done yelling at the doctor, he walked straight into the operating theatre.

Jeremy, who stood motionless as he watched the man lost control of his emotions, could emphasize with Carter.

When Madeline noticed Jeremy’s unusual mood, she quickly caught on.

“Jeremy, are you thinking about what happened to me back then?”

Jeremy suddenly returned to his senses. He nodded truthfully, then lowered his gaze and looked into Madeline’s beautiful eyes.

“That day, I also had anxiously paced in the hallway like Carter. I kept staring at the red light above the door of the operating theatre.”

Jeremy reminisced. Even though Madeline was standing next to him right now, he still felt a bone- piercing pain surging through his blood.

“After the light had turned off, the doctor told me that you were gone. I didn’t believe him, and I refused to believe him. I had hoped that you were merely lying to me, that you were just acting. After that, I had also rushed into the operating theatre as Carter did. Then, I saw you. You had already stopped breathing.”

As Jeremy spoke, his eyes turned red as well.

Madeline held his hand, and she realized that his hand was icy.