Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1883

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1883 – Ada’s mother had not expected Ada to betray her at such a critical moment!

Her eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at the woman in front of her shouting at her.

“This was all your idea! You told me to simply b**n Adam to d***h. You told me that once he was d**d, Shirley would never recover! This might anger her so much that the baby in her womb may not survive a s well!”

In lashing all her anger out at her mother, Ada had revealed how Ada had been instructed by her to commit the crime.

“What? So you were the one who instigated her to do this? You two are amazing. Both mother and daughter! ” Camille was shocked by what Ada had said.

Ada’s mother immediately turned green in the face. She feared that the police would arrest her as well, but she was more afraid that Carter would torture her because of this.

Carter, however, did not make any move despite the rage burning in his eyes.

While he may be a malicious person, he would never expose that side of himself in front of the police.

“Madam, please come with us too.”

The police officer spoke, pulling out another pair of handcuffs with a stern look on his face, and immediately handcuffed Ada’s mother.

“This… No… Officer… This has nothing to do with me. My daughter has gone mad and is now spewing nonsense !” Ada’s mother did exactly what Ada had done earlier, flailing her hands around as she spouted absurdities, trying desperately to explain herself.

“If you have anything to explain, you can do it at the police station.” The police officers did not allow Ada’s mother an opportunity to speak up. They pushed both mother and daughter directly toward the door.

Ada’s mother had never felt so disgruntled. She turned her head toward Ada and screamed, “I gave birth to an i***t! I came here to help you, yet you turned the tables on me and betrayed me instead!

“There’s no cure for someone as stupid as you. No wonder Carter despises you. You are a foolish i***t! If the crime is confirmed, I, at most, had given you the idea. But it’s different for you. You have k****d two people!”

“Ada, stunned by her mother’s words, paled significantly. She seemed to just realize how foolish she had been in blurting out all the unnecessary details.

However, she could not take back her words now. “Let’s go,” the police officer urged.

Ada’s anger had subsided, and she trudged forward lifelessly.

Her mother, however, continued to curse, accusing Ada of dragging her into this mess.

Angered and upset, Ada turned her head and scolded, “As my mother, how can you accuse? You taught me to start a fire and k**l! You’ve ruined my entire life! I am stupid, and that’s because I have an i***t mother!”

“You…” Her mother’s temper flared, and she raised her hand and slapped Ada across the face.

Ada had not eaten much during that period, plus she had been beaten by the bodyguards, so she had very little energy left. The moment her mother hit her, she lost all her strength and dropped to the ground with a thud.

Ada gritted her teeth angrily. She was struggling to stand up when Madeline walked up to her.

“Actually, I did not find this necklace at the site of the fire. I came here a few days ago and deliberately took it from your room,” Madeline said calmly, lowering her eyes to see Ada’s expression as it increasingly lost its calm.

“You… Eveline, what did you just say?” Gritting her teeth and clenching her fists, Ada stared at Madeline with a hateful glare.

Indifferent, Madeline continued to stare at Ada. ” I’ve used this tactic before. Have you forgotten? I t was the same tactic I had used when you framed me for adding peanuts to the soup.”

” ” Ada’s expression froze. Her memory of what happened the last time returned quickly.

At that time, Madeline had also presented Ada’s jewelry and claimed that she found it in the soup. It had been that incident that led to Ada losing all credibility with Camille.

However, she had not expected Madeline to use the same tactic twice!

Ada was fuming. She swiftly leaped up from the ground and attempted to strangle Madeline.