Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1878

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1878 – When Old Master Whitman learned about this, he traveled back from his retirement home that very night.

As he regarded the pigeon pair in front of him, who was barely 2 years old, his timeworn eyes began to glisten.

“So many people in this world dream of coming into the upper-class society, but not many of them realize that people within that society actually yearn for a quiet and peaceful life instead.”

Old Master Whitman expressed in a heartfelt lament; his worn face was filled with melancholy and anxiety.

“Money and power can be really harmful at times. If I had not come from this large family, Felipe’s thoughts wouldn’t have gone awry when his

parents died in the car accident, and perhaps his youth and future would’ve been spared.”

“Grandpa, don’t imagine such things, ” Madeline comforted Old Master Whitman as she held his hand gently. “Money and power are not harmful things in themselves. It’s the hearts of people that are terrible. The kind of people whose hearts bear malice and ambition, yet they choose to take shortcuts instead.”

“Linnie’s right, Grandpa. Please don’t blame yourself, ” Jeremy reassured Old Master Whitman too as he understood the turmoil in Old Master Whitman’s heart. “Look at how cute and clever Felipe’s children are.”

Madeline smiled as she gently tugged at the two children’s hands.

“Juan and Jan, this is your grand-uncle. Hurry up and greet him.”

Both of Cathy’s children were young, but they were very intelligent. The siblings called out in unison, ” Grand-uncle.”

“Oh, you’re both so sweet.” Old Master Whitman’s relaxed into a smile. He pulled out two red envelopes containing money from his pocket and gave them to the children.

“Be obedient, and behave yourself. Wait for your father to come home, okay?”

Juan blinked his large eyes and twitched his cute little mouth. “What about waiting for Mommy to come home? I haven’t seen Mommy in a long time.

I miss Mommy.”

All who were present felt warm around their eyes when they heard the child’s simple desire for his mother.

Madeline lowered her body and gently stroked the child’s head.

“Of course, Mommy will be home too. As long as you and Jan are good, Mommy and Daddy will come home.”

“Really?” the child asked, blinking his large innocent eyes.

Madeline smiled gently. ” I’ve never lied to people. “

Yes, she had not lied to people. She had only lied to these innocent little angels.

When the two children had settled in, the household became livelier. There was more laughter than before, but something seemed to be missing.

Madeline was standing on the balcony that night, gazing up at the crescent moon in the dark blue sky as her heart gently beat.

When she was about to head back into the house, she felt a sudden warmth behind her.

Jeremy brought a coat and draped it over her shoulders. “It’s cold outside, Linnie.”

Madeline smiled and naturally leaned against Jeremy’s chest.

“Jeremy, shouldn’t the good be rewarded for their virtuous deeds, while the evil reaps what they sow? Why did Cathy and Adam have to leave this way?

“Jeremy, do you really think that we can stay together peacefully forever? Will there still be mishaps?


Madeline seemed to be mumbling to herself. Even she had no idea why she was feeling rueful suddenly.

Jeremy hugged her tightly. He bowed his head and kissed her on the forehead.

“Linnie, do you see the stars in the sky?” Madeline nodded, “Yes, I see them.”

“The stars are just like our lives. There are times when the stars shine brightly, and times when they are dim. Like the stars, we cannot remain shining every moment. The only thing we can do is look forward and walk onward.”

Madeline had never known that Jeremy could comfort people like this, but now she was feeling much better.

She lifted her clear, beautiful eyes to meet the man’s gentle gaze.

“Jeremy, come with me somewhere tomorrow.”