Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1874

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1874 – Madeline held Shirley’s gaze for a couple of seconds before turning around silently to leave.

Carter was busy reassuring Shirley. When her emotions had finally settled down, he noticed that Madeline had already left.

Finding this suspicious, Carter retrieved the footage from the security cameras. It was then that he realized Madeline had entered the closet earlier.

She had waited until Carter had stepped out before entering Shirley’s room.

Regardless, the amount of time she spent inside was not long. It had only been the duration he had taken to cook porridge for Shirley.

However, he had no way of finding out what had happened in the room. With Shirley’s current condition, it would be impossible to obtain any information from her.

After leaving Gray Villa, Madeline had gone directly to Whitman Corporation.

Jeremy had not been dealing with the corporation’s matters for quite some time. There seemed to have been so many incidents happening consecutively around him for the past two to three years.

At the present, he had just ended a meeting when he received Lilian’s latest medical report from Fabian.

This was the first time Fabian had sent over a video, allowing Jeremy to see his daughter whom he had not seen in a long time.

Through the video, Jeremy noticed that his beloved daughter was looking a lot better than before.

Jeremy felt assured by this.

He showed Madeline the update on Lilian immediately when she arrived.

Without Madeline realizing it, watching her little princess waving and smiling in the video filled Madeline’s eyes with tears.

This time, however, it was due to happiness.

Children would express their feelings in the utmost direct way, so Madeline could tell from the smile on Lilian’s face that she must be doing well by Fabian’s side.

“Fabian may have estranged himself from us, but I believe that he sincerely cares for Lilian.”

Jeremy spoke, affirming Madeline’s thoughts, and reached out to hold Madeline’s hand.

“Linnie, perhaps it’s best to keep Lily by Fabian’s side for now.”

Madeline gently nodded, very much in agreement with Jeremy.

“That’s fine too. I’ll give Fabian a call later to ask him to look after Lilian for a while. First, we should take care of this issue with Carter.”

Jeremy wrapped his arms around Madeline’s waist and carried her onto his lap.

“Linnie, you’ve been to Gray Villa for a few days now. Is there any development?”

Madeline recounted what had transpired in Gray Villa to Jeremy.

The expression on Jeremy’s face gradually became solemn.

“It seems your accident at sea might have been part of a scheme.”

“Perhaps Ryan’s d***h was also not an accident.”

The more Madeline thought about it, the more she felt something was amiss.

“Jeremy, I suspect Ryan’s d***h might also be related to Carter. There was no reason for Carter to be at sea at the time. His appearance only proves that he knew ahead of time that an accident would happen.”

Madeline paused in her speech, then corrected herself.

“No, perhaps it shouldn’t even be called an accident. It was something Carter had expected would happen.”

Jeremy’s brows lifted slightly, and his expression was serious as he contemplated deeply for a moment.

“It seems that, from the very beginning, Carter intends to become the ruler of St. Piaf, by hook or by crook.”

” If his intention of approaching me from the very beginning was to manipulate you, and subsequently penetrate the consumer market in Glendale, then I’m indirectly responsible for the yacht’s explosion that had k****d Ryan.”

“Linnie, it’s not right to speculate this way. Ryan’s d***h was caused by the yacht’s explosion which you had nothing to do with.” Jeremy did not wish for Madeline to overthink.

Despite Madeline’s reluctance to think that way, it seemed that the reality was as she thought.

When Jeremy saw Madeline lost in thought, he quickly interrupted her and said, “Linnie, weren’t you just telling me that Shirley was acting strangely? What did you mean by that?”