Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1873

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1873 – After Madeline had gone in, she softly closed the door.

Aside from Shirley, who was sleeping on the bed, there was no one else in the room.

Shirley, likely to have fallen asleep not long ago, was not yet sound asleep. When she heard Madeline’s footsteps, she suddenly opened her eyes.

When she saw Madeline walking over to her, Shirley seemed to pause briefly, then a look of surprise showed on her face, but she did not appear to panic.

Since she could not feel her legs, she did not get up; instead, she only laid in the bed.

She looked very off—colored. It was clear that it was due to the weakness caused by her illness.

That led Madeline to recall the time when she had experienced the flare-up of the fourth stage of the poison. She would have probably looked like this as well.

She would have been maniacally blabbering nonsense, and she would have been recalling those painful and dark memories in her head.

“Shirley, do you still remember me?” Madeline walked to the side of the bed and looked into Shirley’s almond-shaped eyes. “I’m Eveline.”

“Eveline, ” Shirley repeated her name. “Of course, I remember you. How can I forget?”

“Really? You remember me? What else do you remember?” Madeline continued asking.

Shirley turned her face and gazed at the chandelier above her, then she started murmuring as if she was talking to herself.

“ I guess there really is karma in this world. Heh. Hehehe…”

Shirley spoke, mocking herself, then suddenly burst into laughter. Her laugh was soft, but it sounded solemn.

Madeline’s delicate brows knitted together as she closely watched Shirley’s expression changing.

For some inexplicable reason, Shirley seemed clear- headed when she was laughing at herself.

Shirley did not look like how she had been earlier when her thoughts were completely under the poison’s influence and control.

Did Shirley have a completely different poison than what Madeline had?

Curious, Madeline thought about it, then continued asking.

“Shirley, why did you give me the only anti-toxoid test reagent? You developed this poison to deal with me and control my husband. You were so close to reaching your goal. Why did you change your mind at this critical moment?”

Shirley, still gazing at the chandelier, showed no expression on her face.

“Your question is so strange.”

As Shirley spoke, she turned her face and stared straight into Madeline’s eyes, and her pale lips moved gently.

“Everything will come to an end soon.”

Madeline frowned, unable to comprehend what Shirley was saying.

‘What is ending soon?’

Although Shirley’s gaze was as calm as still water, Madeline seemed to see the roiling waves in her gaze.

As she was about to enquire further, the door opened with a click.

Carter came in and was startled at the sight of Madeline standing by the bed, and Carter froze.

“Eveline, you’re still here.” Carter narrowed his deep eyes as they emitted a dangerous aura.

Madeline could see the dissatisfaction in Carter. As she wondered what he might do to her, Shirley suddenly made a pained sound and started calling out Carter’s name as she sobbed.

“Carter, it’s on fire again! Look, there’s a fire over there! ”

Shirley stared straight ahead with a terror-stricken face.

She moved her upper body in a panic to get up. When Carter saw this, he quickly ran to the side of her bed.

He sat down by the bed and held Shirley who was struggling to get up. “Shirley, there’s no fire.

You’re just seeing things.”

Carter said to comfort her, but Shirley was still pointing in front of her fearfully.

She leaned against Carter’s arms and pressed her face against his face in a panic, but her eyes were staring straight at Madeline.