Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1862

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1862 – Presently, a piece of news came through the phone’s pushed notification.

A certain suburban villa was reported to have caught fire last night, resulting in the deaths of a man and a woman.

Jeremy’s heart began thumping erratically upon reading this news.

While the news article did not specify the identities of the man and woman, Jeremy had a feeling that they were Adam and Cathy.

Nevertheless, he still held onto a glimmer of hope. However, Madeline immediately recognized the villa in the picture.

“Isn’t that Carter’s villa in Glendale?” Madeline pointed to the picture on the phone screen.

“Is it true that Gray Villa caught fire last night? And a man and woman died as a result?”

For some inexplicable reason, Madeline’s heartbeat was similarly unsettled. She also noticed that Jeremy was driving in the direction of Gray Villa.

“Jeremy, are you going to look for Carter?”

“I’m looking for Shirley. I want to know Cathy and Adam’s whereabouts.” Jeremy, looking ahead at the road, drove faster.

Madeline’s heart seemed to skip a beat hearing that. She stared at the side of Jeremy’s solemn face

and glanced down again at the news on her phone. A n aversive thought began to slowly form in her mind.

“Jeremy, could it be that the man and woman who were b****d to d***h in the news were Cathy and Adam?”

Madeline voiced her suspicions. As her words rang through the air, she felt her palms growing cold.

“No, it’s not possible. An accident like this would never happen, ” Madeline denied repeatedly, but Jeremy’s silence only made her feel more uneasy.

Before long, Jeremy’s car pulled up at the main gate of Gray Villa.

Madeline smelled a powerful burnt odor the moment she got out of the car.

Despite the heavy storm last night, the smell was not washed away.

Several policemen and forensic experts, who were most likely here investigating the cause of the fire, were coming out of the villa.

Camille was standing at the side to receive them.

As Madeline and Jeremy approached, they heard the police confirming with Camille, “Are the names of the deceased Adam Brown and Cathy Jordan?”

“Yes, that’s correct, ” Camille nodded with a somber expression.

Hearing that response, both Madeline and Jeremy felt a sudden shock.

Jeremy took Madeline’s hand and strode toward Camille and the police.

“Jeremy, Madeline? Why are you here all of a sudden?” Camille looked surprised. “You’d better leave quickly. There’ll be trouble again if Carter sees you.”

“I’m here to see Carter,” Jeremy’s tone was firm. “I want a clear explanation as to why did Adam and Cathy encounter such a tragic accident in Gray Villa!

“An accident is an accident. No one asked for this. Even if you looked for Carter, it wouldn’t change the fact that this was an accident, ” Camille explained in Carter’s stead.

Jeremy, however, could not accept such an argument. In his heart, he knew that Adam and Cathy had disliked Carter.

Adam and Cathy hated it when they were dragged here by force the last time. As such, they would never have come here willingly. They must have been forced by Carter again.

Having accepted Camille’s help before, Madeline did not wish to question her harshly.

Holding back her own nearly overwhelming grief, Madeline interrupted Jeremy, who was on the verge of losing his temper, in a calm tone and inquired, ” Madam Gray, Adam and Cathy were great friends of mine and Jeremy. If they were really in an accident in your house, as their friends, we’d just like to know the actual reason.”

As Madeline’s words left her mouth, Carter’s figure appeared up ahead.

With a black coat on, he walked over in a cold and indifferent manner.

“What good friends you are, ” he said sarcastically and continued, “since you two are so desperate for the truth, then follow me.”