Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1856

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1856 – “Shirley, what’s wrong? Do you feel unwell?”

“Heh, hehe…” Shirley chuckled bitterly. “ Retribution.”

She uttered the word with great effort. Carter frowned.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“The fourth stage of the poison is flaring up.” Shirley was breathing heavily; her speech was indistinct.

Carter froze instantly. He took this moment to look closely at Shirley’s face, and he began to panic.

“Where’s the anti-toxoid test reagent? I went to your lab and saw that you’ve finished it. Didn’t you inject yourself with it?”

Carter asked incoherently.

Shirley lifted her tired eyes and, through her blurred vision, saw Carter’s anxious face.

“Yes, it’s finished. And yes, I’ve injected it, but it’s not inside me.”

Shirley displayed a relieved smile as she spoke.

“I’ve done so much harm to others without benefiting myself. This is the first time I’ve experienced being a good person, and it turns out that it feels pretty nice. No, this doesn’t really count. I’m just making up as best as I can for the wrongdoings that I’ve done in the past.”

When Shirley was done speaking, she laughed at herself, then effortfully moved her finger to operate the wheelchair.

Jeremy, who was next to Shirley, immediately realized something after listening to what Shirley had said.

It seemed that the anti-toxoid test reagent Shirley had given him was the only one.

The reason she had been in such a hurry in asking him to inject Madeline with it was that she was worried that Carter would show up and prevent it—it was not because of any other reason.

Carter seemed to understand as well. “Shirley, what did you say? Are you saying that you’ve handed the anti-toxoid test reagent for AXP6g to Jeremy?”

“Was I wrong for giving it to him?” Shirley asked with a cold smile. “Eveline shouldn’t suffer this pain. I’ve already woken up, so Carter, it’s time for you to wake up too.”

“What did you say?” Carter’s gaze gradually darkened.

Shirley’s attitude, however, was unchanged. “ Carter, if you want to obtain something or someone, you have to go through the proper means in obtaining them, and this applies to everyone. I finally understand this principle, and you should understand it too.”

After Shirley’s voice had fallen away, Carter immediately let out a scornful laugh.


He laughed mockingly, then his gaze darkened suddenly as he grabbed Shirley’s shoulders tightly. He gritted his teeth, suppressing the impending outburst of his fury, and asked crossly.

“Shirley, you’ve truly gone either insane or mad! You need the anti- toxoid test reagent for AXP6G more than Eveline now!

“Have you forgotten that you’re pregnant now? If you don’t use it in time, you and your baby will be in danger!

“Do you want our child to be born with disabilities?”

Carter asked forcefully. He seemed furious but in reality, he was concerned.

That was right. He was concerned.

As for Jeremy, he was shocked to learn that Shirley was pregnant and that the child belonged to Carter.

Jeremy had never expected Carter and Shirley to have this relationship.

Furthermore, he had not expected Shirley to have handed him the only vial of anti-toxoid test reagent.

That meant that she and her child would certainly suffer harm.

At the thought of that, a trace of pity appeared in Jeremy’s heart.

However, the pity was not for Shirley but the innocent child in her womb.

Shirley, however, was laughing at that moment. “ Carter, you’re wrong. The child in my womb never had a chance to come into this world.”