Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1844

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1844 – Shirley lifted her gaze toward Ada. “Carter would share his matters with you?”

Ada chuckled. “Wouldn’t I be able to find out even if he didn’t want me to know? Well, if you don’t believe me, don’t follow me.”

After she had spoken, Ada turned and walked the garden. Glancing behind, she saw Shirley catching up with her. Ada smiled to herself, satisfied that her tactical retreat had worked.

Ada’s smirk was not lost on Shirley, but Shirley chose not to be bothered by it.

This was the Gray Villa. Even if Ada had the courage of the gods, she would not dare to harm her.

However, Shirley was surprised by how large the villa was. Despite walking for two or three minutes, they were still in the garden.

She knew that Carter had put in a lot of effort to win over Glendale.

Carter had already been making preparations when she was sent to approach Jeremy.

He had always been someone who only accepted success—failure was not permitted; this time would be no different.

Shirley was thus truly concerned that Adam would become another one of Carter’s pawn.

All of this was weighing heavily on Shirley’s mind when Ada suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“Here. Your brother, and the one called Cathy, are here.”

Shirley pressed the forward button on her wheelchair as she lifted her gaze to look ahead.

A small square house with a modern appearance laid before her. It was not a spacious place; it seemed more like a place where Carter would usually unwind and enjoy tea.

Shirley did not give it much thought. She was about to enter the house when she heard a familiar set of footsteps approaching behind her.

Before she could see the person, she noticed an abrupt change in Ada’s expression.

Without asking, Shirley already knew who it was.

“You brought her here?” Carter, In a cold tone and with a p***r face, asked Ada reprovingly.

“Carter, you can’t blame me for this,” Ada explained with a sense of injustice, “she insisted on meeting her brother and Cathy, and you told me that I should accommodate whatever she wanted. I was merely following your orders.”

Carter’s eyebrows twitched at Ada’s retort, then he said coldly, “You are not needed here. Go.”

Ada pursed her lips, dissatisfied. Although she was reluctant, she could only leave.

Turning around, she glared at Shirley’s back as she laughed.

“Just you wait. I’ll not allow myself to be mistreated like this!”

Ada swore discreetly to herself; she could only persuade herself to endure it at that point.

Immediately after Ada left, Carter stepped forward without hesitation to push Shirley’s wheelchair. He made a 18o-degree turn and steered her back in the direction she had come from.

Shirley knew it was pointless to argue. Who could she fight against in her current condition?

Furthermore, the person in question was Carter.

“I just wanted to confirm that they’re safe,” Shirley said; her voice was not as strong as before.

“If that’s the case, I can confidently confirm that within this month, they will be safe.”

“Since you’re such close siblings, I believe that Adam also wants to help you in regaining your former appearance as soon as possible.”

“Carter, could you stop being so naive? My face and legs were severely injured. Even if Adam is really capable in this, do you think a month is long enough for him?”

“If a month is not enough, I can add another month if necessary. In short, nobody can think about leaving until you have recovered.”

Carter’s words were firm, and his attitude was adamant.

Not long after, he pushed Shirley directly into his basement laboratory.

“All the ingredients you’ll need for AXP6g’s anti- toxoid test reagent have been prepared for you.

Keep in mind to develop it as quickly as possible, preferably before the fourth stage of the poison triggers, ” Carter emphasized solemnly.

As Shirley stared at the laboratory table in front of her, the corners of her lips unwittingly curled into a self-deprecating sneer.

She reached out a hand to pick up the anti-toxoid test reagent. Its touch felt icy cold, just like the temperature in her heart at that moment. So cold.

“Shirley, did you hear what I just said?”