Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1843

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1843 – Mother of his child.

These four words made Shirley’s heart quiver.

Bemused, she looked at Carter as she said, “Don’t get any ideas about him.”

Shirley gave him a grave warning; her expression was abnormally stern.

“He’s different from us. Don’t harass him.”

When Carter heard her words, his lips twitched, revealing what appeared to be a satisfied smile.

“We? So, you still think of us as an item.”

Shirley was speechless. She never imagined Carter would nitpick on such a detail.

She then heard him continue to speak.

“In the past, you used to seem jealous and resentful toward Adam when you were with me. But now, you appear anxious and worried for your brother. It’s truly hard to understand you.”

Upon hearing his sarcastic remarks, Shirley met Carter’s gaze with feigned indifference.

” I’ve told you before. I’d merely been using you to benefit myself. My actions were intentional…”

“Oh, your acting is excellent. It’s comparable to that of professionals.”

Before Shirley could finish her sentence, Carter had cut her off. He narrowed his eyes, and the carefree tone in his voice suddenly turned solemn.

“So, you’re also acting now, aren’t you?”

His tone was cold, and his expression darkened considerably in an instant.

“You love me, but you pretend otherwise.”

Carter asked the question that hid in the depths of his heart as his gaze was fixed on Shirley’s astonished expression.

It was during these few seconds in which Shirley’s expression, which appeared distracted, provided Carter with the answer he wanted.

He did not stay any longer. Turning around, he left.

As he approached the door, Shirley’s voice came behind him.

“Don’t harm him, and don’t manipulate him.”

Carter knew who Shirley meant by “him”. He turned sideways and met Shirley’s gaze.

“As long as you know what to do, I’ll know what to do as well.”

With that sentence, heavy with implication, he left decisively.

Shirley slowly clenched her fists; her heart was a tangled mess.

She had no clue what Carter truly wanted.

The next day.

Shirley woke up in the morning to find Ada by Shirley’s bed again.

Compared to her domineering and arrogant attitude yesterday, Ada’s behavior was much more restrained today.

Despite Ada’s reluctance, Ada had no choice but to obediently take care of Shirley. With the servant’s help, Ada groomed and dressed Shirley, then served her breakfast.

Shirley’s diet was tailored by a nutritionist whom Carter had personally hired. That made Ada jealous.

Although Shirley had no idea Carter was involved in this, she could somewhat sense it from Ada’s expression.

After finishing breakfast, the first thing Shirley wanted to find out was Adam and Cathy’s situation.

However, Carter was not around at that moment. Shirley asked the servants nearby, but all of them said that they had no idea and had no knowledge of Adam and Cathy’s whereabouts.

Shirley felt anxious, worried that something might happen to Adam and Cathy.

Ada, who was by Shirley’s side, spoke at that moment.

“I know where they are.”