Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1841

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1841 – When Adam heard those words, he could not help but feel ridiculed.

“Why would I share the same goal with someone like you?”

“Are you certain?” Carter threw the question back with a faint smile. “Wouldn’t you want to fix the scar on your sister’s face? Wouldn’t you want to see her stand up again one day?”

At the mention of this, Adam briefly fell into an inattentive state.

Frankly, he had not expected Carter to bring him here for this reason.

Cathy was taken by surprise as well, but it also seemed reasonable to her.

Back then, she had sensed that Carter felt something for Shirley, but the emotions were buried deep within him.

Shirley, however, was unaware of the reasons behind Carter’s decision in bringing Adam and Cathy to the Gray Manor. Shirley was now settled in her room, contemplating returning downstairs to take a look when Ada entered.

When Ada saw Shirley’s worried expression, Ada smiled to herself, then sent the two servants out.

Shirley truly did not want to see Ada, but due to her current condition, she was not capable of getting rid of her.

“You’d like to know what happened downstairs, don’t you?” Ada started the conversation.

Shirley ignored Ada. She knew that even if she stayed silent, Ada would not stop talking.

Sure enough, Ada chuckled as she observed Shirley’s unruffled demeanor.

“Your brother is not very likable. Is he really not afraid that Carter would teach him a lesson when he keeps offending him like this? Is he under the impression that his crippled sister here holds some weight in Carter’s heart, and has forgotten that he is merely an ordinary doctor?”

Ada rolled her eyes scornfully. Seeing that Shirley was still unperturbed, Ada grew a little anxious.

“Shirley, how about we make a deal?”

“You want to make a deal with me?” Shirley studied the ill-intentioned face in front of her suspiciously.

While keeping an eye on the doorway, Ada carefully walked towards the room’s entrance to inspect the corridor. After confirming that Carter was still downstairs, she returned to Shirley’s side.

“Shirley, do you know why Carter brought your brother here? I heard it earlier.”

Shirley was indeed worried about Adam, but she kept it in her heart and did not express it.

She knew that her explicit concern could put Adam in more danger, and he could be held against her.

Shirley thus gave Ada an indifferent look of disdain. “My brother and I have severed all ties between us. I don’t care what Carter does to him. I’m actually hoping that he would use some cruel means.”

“… What?” Ada could not believe her ears, but then she heard Shirley laughing dismissively.

“What? Haven’t you heard about us, Mrs. Gray? I’ve always been jealous of my brother. Since we were kids, he has always been the more distinguished one and the more favored one. That’s why I’d wandered off into the streets.”

Ada truly did not know that Shirley had been through such an experience.

“Are you still planning to negotiate a deal with me using that? Ada, your deal is probably nothing more than a ploy to keep me from Carter. You’re scared that I’d be a threat to your status, but I believe you’re overanalyzing.”

“What?” Ada’s eyes widened, staring at Shirley suspiciously.

“Shirley, are you kidding me? You turned up here pregnant with that vile spawn in your womb, and you aren’t doing this for the position of Mrs. Gray? Do you think I’m unaware that you like Carter?


Ada let out a cold, contemptuous chuckle.

“Your tricks are amazing, Shirley. You actually managed to seduce Carter into sleeping with you!”