Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1831

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1831 – Camille’s expression darkened upon hearing those sudden words.

Displeased, she raised her eyes and saw Ada’s mother walking arrogantly toward Shirley.

“If you don’t want this incident to blow up, Shirley, then get out of here right now. Don’t think you can become a member of this family just because you’re pregnant with that vile spawn in your womb.”

Ada’s mother narrowed her eyes, directing her piercing gaze at Shirley. “I’m telling you. If you dare to steal my daughter’s husband, not only will you be crippled, but your entire body will be p*******d as well!”

Shirley was unfazed by such blatant intimidation. What else could she fear at this point?

Camille, however, stepped in to defend her before Shirley could speak.

Camille, her expression grave, looked at Ada’s mother and warned her.

“I suggest that you do not act irrationally. Carter’s attitude was evident earlier. If anything happens to Shirley, Ada won’t live comfortably as well.”

Naturally, Ada’s mother did not relent. “Camille, what are you talking about? My daughter has married into the Gray family officially as your daughter-in-law. Now, this stinky beggar just showed up pregnant with Carter’s child and expects to become a part of this family. Why should my daughter be subjected to such unfair treatment?”

“Unfair treatment?”

An apparent smile appeared on Camille’s face. “We both know very well that Carter and Ada married for mutual benefits. It was a marriage of convenience. Don’t you understand the meaning of that?”

“You…” Camille’s words left Ada’s mother speechless.

As Ada’s mother, still refusing to back down, contemplated what to say, Camille’s voice came again.

“Did you think that your daughter would’ve been able to become a member of this family if I hadn’t agreed to this marriage? You’d better understand the situation well. Carter has many other options. The Gray family doesn’t need to work exclusively with the Logan family.”

“And do bear in mind that a divorce could happen after marriage, especially when the marriage is merely an arrangement. So, I’d like to give you both a final piece of advice. Do not dig your own graves by acting smart.”

Ada’s mother remained speechless. Her face was flushed red from anger, irritation, and displeasure as she glared at Camille.

Camille’s expression was extremely stern at this point, and her aura was intense.

Ada’s mother could not compete with her.

When she had finished speaking, Camille cast a dispassionate glance at Ada’s mother before giving instructions to a servant nearby.

“Bring Ms. Brown to the guest room on the third floor and take good care of her. Notify Dr. Lane as well and have him visit as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Madam.”

The servant readily agreed and stepped forward to push Shirley’s wheelchair.

Shirley decided to remain silent at this moment, obediently allowing the servant to steer her upstairs.

Ada had actually been listening to the conversation on the second floor from the stairs. She had thought her mother to have the upper hand and was caught off guard by Camille’s retort that made her mother back down, not daring to speak another word to refute.

Ada felt unsettled as she was in an insecure position.

She pondered for a second before a smile appeared on her face.

She may not be able to challenge Shirley directly, but she could use an alternative method.

Shirley was escorted to the guest room designated by Camille.

Shirley had barely been to the Gray family’s villa in Glendale. Therefore, she could not be sure if it was a coincidence as the room was furnished in a style she liked as if it were specifically arranged for her.

Soon after Shirley entered the room, Dr. Lane arrived.