Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 182

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 182 – Jeremy whispered a few words to Madeline before bringing her to Old Master Whitman.

Old Master Whitman was already quite old, so his eyesight was not too good. All he could see was Jeremy pulling a long-haired woman over. However, the moment Madeline was in front of him, his eyes widened in disbelief as he gripped his cane and stood up from the sofa.

“You… You are… Maddie?” the old man asked in disbelief as his trembling right hand reached out to her, seemingly trying to test if it was an actual ‘human’ in front of him.

Madeline looked at his hopeful gaze and could not help but feel sad. However, there was a hint of sweetness within that sadness.

There was still someone who cared about her here!

She smiled as she reached out to hold the old man’s hands. “Grandpa.”

“Are you really Maddie?” the old man asked excitedly.

Mrs. Whitman watched by the side with a suspicious gaze.

“Grandpa, of course she is,” Jeremy said, helping Madeline answer.

Seeing that, Mrs. Whitman’s expression changed. “What? She really is Madeline? Jeremy, didn’t you say that…”

She was interrupted by a cold look from Jeremy before she could finish.

Old Master Whitman ignored Mrs. Whitman’s words as he held Madeline’s hands tightly, pulling her to the side.

His face was full of adoration. Those eyes that had seen all that could be seen were gazing at Madeline, full of warmth and love.

“Maddie, it really is Maddie. It’s great that you’re alive…” he muttered. It was obvious that he was really happy.

Madeline’s face was smiling calmly, but her heart was in turmoil.

In this world, other than that man and Ava, only Old Master Whitman really treated her like family.

The old man had been quite weak in recent years and could not even walk normally. He usually needed to be in a wheelchair, but the moment he saw Madeline, his spirits were lifted several folds.

Madeline maintained her smile and occasionally nodded her head, but she was obviously careful not to do anything that would cast suspicion onto herself.

She could feel that Jeremy was definitely still suspecting her of something.

The old man said he wanted to bring Madeline into the garden to look at the flowers, so Madeline followed.

Seeing that Jeremy was going as well, Mrs. Whitman hurriedly pulled him over. “Jeremy, what is the meaning of this? Is she really Madeline? How could that woman still be alive?”

Hearing Mrs. Whitman’s words, Jeremy’s expression frosted. “I wish she was still alive.”

Seeing Jeremy’s unhappiness, Mrs. Whitman said, “So you mean that woman really isn’t Madeline? Then why—”

“Grandpa hasn’t been well lately, and his spirits have been quite down. Don’t you want Grandpa to cheer up?” Jeremy gave a very good reason.

However, only he knew his true goal.

Old Master Whitman talked to Madeline for a long time, but he never asked her where she went in the three years she was gone.

When Jeremy was going to bring Madeline away, Old Man Whitman carefully looked at Madeline before giving out a caring smile. “Maddie, even though you’ve divorced Jeremy, our doors will always be open to you. As long as you’re willing, I’ll always be your grandpa.”

Hearing that, Madeline was filled with gratitude and warmth.

On the surface, she pretended to look at Jeremy with disinterest before smiling softly. “Thank you, Grandpa. I’ll be taking my leave, then.”