Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1814

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1814 – The moment Shirley heard the truth, tears streamed down her cheeks.

Inch by inch, she loosened her grip on Adam’s hand as the scorching temperature of her tears stung the back of her hands.

“You’d better be mentally prepared for an operation as soon as possible—the earlier the better.

Otherwise, it’ll be your own body that’s harmed.”

Adam simply finished speaking and glanced at Cathy.

“Cathy, please take care of her.”

“Don’t worry, Adam. I’ll look after her,” Cathy replied as she looked at Shirley.

Shirley appeared to be completely dumbstruck.

As a mother of two, Cathy could fully understand Shirley’s feelings at that moment.

She knew that there was nothing she could say to comfort Shirley, so she remained silent by her side.

After a long while, Shirley abruptly broke the silence.

“Were you the one who saved me last night, when I fainted from the pain?”

Cathy nodded. “I had thought that you would’ve calmed down somewhat, so I planned to bring you back, then by chance, I found you lying on the floor.

“Thank you.”

Cathy could not believe her ears when she heard Shirley thanked her.

“I’d like to be alone for a while.”

“I’ll be right here. I won’t bother you.”

“You’re not bothering me. I’m the one causing you trouble.”

Cathy became skeptical again. Shirley’s behavior and tone seemed like that of a completely different person.

“It feels good to be a mother, doesn’t it?” Shirley gazed at Cathy with reddened eyes. “You have two

children, and their father was also a man that you loved but could never be with.”

“Hah.” Shirley, leaning back, laughed as she cried, tears rolling down the corners of her eyes.

Quietly, she closed her eyes and stopped speaking. In the next two days, Shirley remained silent.

She did not utter a word, nor did she leave her room. At most, she would bask in the sunlight on the balcony.

Throughout this period, Cathy delivered Shirley her meals. Even when Cathy, hoping Shirley would reveal the anti-toxoid test reagent formula, had told Shirley that Madeline was exhibiting strange symptoms, Shirley continued to stay silent.

Cathy had initially thought that Shirley had figured herself out. Unfortunately, Shirley was still acting the same way, and Cathy could do nothing about it.

She had learned from Adam that Madeline was currently in F Country and that despite taking the anti-toxoid test reagent from Carter, Madeline had not yet awoken.

A few days had passed as Adam remained in the laboratory, repeatedly studying and analyzing the samples Jeremy had previously given him, but the results were never satisfactory.

He had given up on Shirley providing any useful information because he thought her beyond saving, and she would not come around no matter how severely he scolded her.

Regardless, he still diligently tested his theories for now, though his mental stability was approaching its limits.

The consequences could be unthinkable if Madeline does not wake up. As the culprit’s younger brother and a doctor, Adam could hardly be free from blame.

It was at this moment when the laboratory’s door was pushed open.

Adam stared in surprise as Shirley, steering her wheelchair by herself, slowly approached him.

“Here’s the anti-toxoid test reagent formula you wanted.”