Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1811

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1811 – Carter was certain that the figure’s outline was that of Shirley’s.

His eyes completely lacked emotion as he put on a condescending look.

“Shirley, you came in the end.”

His mocking tone slowly drifted into Shirley’s ears.

Shirley clenched her fists and tried her best to maintain her calm and composure.

However, her heartbeat was still beating rapidly, its tempo revealed her nervousness and uneasiness at this moment.

Upon seeing that Shirley did not speak, Carter walked up to Shirley.

Shirley immediately pretended that she was physically unwell, lowering her head and coughed.

Carter frowned, puzzled by the mask on Shirley, but when he saw her coughing so badly, he intuitively thought that she was wearing the mask because she had the flu.

That was exactly what Shirley wanted Carter to think.

After pretending to cough for a moment, Shirley recomposed herself, then deliberately put on an elegant smile and lifted her eyes, giving off a calm expression as she met Carter’s passionate eyes.

“Mr. Gray, you’ve specially sent me an invitation card. How could I let you down? Your taste is somewhat awful, though, Mr. Gray.”

Shirley said in a teasing manner, clearly referring to Ada.

She silently clenched her fists, her mind currently flooded with images of Ada, using Eveline’s name, locking Shirley up in the basement and torturing her.

When Carter saw Shirley’s matter-of-fact expression, a proud and soft smile emerged on his face.

“Regardless of how awful she is, she’s still my wife, unlike someone who had stayed by my side all so many years and did not obtain any status in the end.

“Hehe. Status?”

Shirley immediately burst into laughter when she heard it.

“Carter, up till now, you still think that I’ve wanted you to give me status? I’ve spoken my mind clearly that day. We were merely using each other. I was pretending to obey you so I could use you to achieve my goal when you let your guard down.”

After Shirley spoke, there was a sudden change in Carter’s expression.

Shirley could sense that Carter was not too happy about it. Despite the pain she felt within her, she had no choice but to be harsh to the very end.

She lifted her gorgeous eyes that seemed lifeless and put on an uncaring expression.

“Initially, I didn’t mind accompanying Mr. Gray for some time, unfortunately, your mother’s attitude made me unhappy.”

“Shirley.” Carter was fuming.

Shirley remained scornful. “You should’ve known earlier, Carter. The reason I’d left you without second thought back then meant that I have no feelings for you. Did you think that I’ve always been infatuated with you? Well, you’re wrong. It has always been your assumptions, your wishful thinking.”

Shirley’s emotionless words drifted into Carter’s ears.

He had never thought that there would be such a day where he would hear Shirley saying such a thing.

Carter had firmly believed that he was composed, his expression betraying no emotion.

However, at that moment, he could not suppress the anger burning within him.

He suddenly bent down, placing his icy cold palm at the back of Shirley’s neck, yanking her toward him.

Despite Shirley’s mask obscuring him from seeing all of her expression at that moment, he could see the merciless and scornful glint in her cold, emotionless eyes.

“Good one, Shirley.”

Carter blurted out through gritted teeth, then puckered his lips. The woman before him truly seemed abnormally unfamiliar.

However, Shirley’s cold gaze shifted away, and Shirley even rolled her eyes.