Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1807

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1807 – Cathy and Shirley sat in an unnoticeable position at a corner, but, at that moment, they saw Carter seemingly making his way toward them.

Cathy looked at Shirley. Despite the latter wearing a mask, Cathy could still easily make out the uneasiness and anxiety in Shirley’s eyes.

Shirley felt perturbed because of her love for Carter.

If it was not for love, she would have faced him carefreely.

However, in reality, she could not let go of her feelings. She was deeply in love with him, and that had led her to this day.

Naturally, Shirley saw Carter walking toward her. Indeed, she felt very nervous and her palms started to drench in sweat.

She dared not face Carter, but her gaze, against her volition, was attracted to him.

It seemed Carter had noticed it, and his gaze also looked toward Shirley.

As Shirley started to feel anxious and thought that Carter was about to look at her, his footsteps suddenly came to a halt, and he respectfully greeted an elderly.

Unsure whether it was disappointment or relief, Shirley could no longer describe her current feelings. She only knew as if her heart had fallen into a deep abyss.

She was afraid that he would see her current appearance, but when she was unable to catch his attention, she felt left out.

“Do you still want to sit here?” Cathy asked softly, thinking that Shirley was probably not in a good mood now.

Shirley lowered her eyes and said softly, “I want to stay here a little longer. If you’re feeling bored, you may step outside and wait for me.”

“I’ve promised Adam to keep an eye on you. In that case, let’s wait till the wedding ceremony is over, then we will head back.”

“Alright, ” Shirley promised, no longer passionately staring at Carter.

Once Carter was done greeting the elderly, he then elegantly walked past Shirley.

His elegant posture made him look prestigious.

From the corner of her eye, Shirley looked at Carter’s back as he walked further away. Shortly after that, her phone vibrated.

Her contact number was added later, and she was very familiar with the number that was displayed on the screen.

It was a message from Carter, and there was only one simple sentence, ‘I know you’re here, Shirley. This wedding was supposed to be yours.’

Reading that text made Shirley’s eyes drenched.

Regardless of whether it was sincere or fake, Carter’s intention had been fulfilled.

He wanted her to feel unhappy.

Currently, not only she felt unhappy, she also found it unbearable.

It was also at that moment, the emcee announced the commencement of Carter and Ada’s wedding.

All the guests went forth to surround them and expressed their blessings, only Cathy and Shirley remained at the unnoticeable corner, looking at the scene on the stage.

However, Shirley could no longer persist. Not long after the ceremony had started, Shirley could not bring herself to watch. “I want to head to the washroom.”

As she requested, her eyes were lowered, and her face was pale.

Cathy helped Shirley back into the wheelchair, then pushed Shirley to the washroom.

Ada, who was on the stage, was happily enjoying the envious eyes that were fixed upon her.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw two figures exiting from the side exit.

Her gaze landed on Shirley for a few seconds, then Ada put on a charming smile and went along with the emcee as the ceremony commenced. However, she was still being mindful and looked at the side exit once more.

In the washroom.

After Shirley had entered, she had Cathy wait for her outside.

Cathy, thinking that perhaps Shirley needed some space to calm down, did not interrupt her and waited for her outside.

After Cathy had gone out, Shirley no longer acted tough.

She placed both her hands before the sink and kept vomiting.

The thought of the scene of Carter and Ada holding hands and receiving the blessing of their relatives and friends made Shirley vomited even more aggressively.

She felt that she might have some mental illness.