Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1785

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1785 – Evan got up and asked. He felt that Madeline was indeed not in good shape.

Upon hearing that, Fabian only then noticed that Madeline’s complexion seemed ill. Even her forehead was starting to have cold sweat.

Madeline slowly realized that the poison within her body was starting to flare up again.

Shirley had mentioned before that the fourth stage would happen soon.

The thought of it made Madeline try her best to prevent this type of situation from happening because she could not afford to be weak at this moment, but she could not overcome the poison that was already flaring up. Nevertheless, Madeline did not allow herself to drop to her knees.

She clenched her fists and continued to stubbornly look into Fabian’s eyes.

“Fabian, I’ve come all the way here to bring Lilian back home. If you’re not willing to hand Lilian over to me, that will only leave me with one last option.”

Fabian looked at Madeline’s face that was slowly turning pale, feeling puzzled. “Given your current condition, do you think you have what it takes to take your daughter away?”

Madeline chuckled softly and stubbornness glinted in her gorgeous eyes. “As a mother, I’d do anything to ensure my daughter’s safety, no matter the cost.”

Madeline’s comments briefly stunned Fabian.

As he thought of fighting back, he heard Madeline suddenly letting out a m**n.

Fabian returned to his senses and looked at her. He saw Madeline biting on her lips, and her face was as pale as a white sheet, bloodless, and her breathing became rapid.

These symptoms seemed familiar, causing Fabian to suddenly recall something.

“Eveline, do you have some disease as well?”

Fabian asked as he made his way over to Madeline.

Madeline suddenly put up her guard and took a step back. “Don’t come near me.”

Fabian had initially thought Madeline was rejecting him, but then, he heard Madeline muttering, ” Jeremy, it really wasn’t me who did it. You must believe me…”

Astonished, Fabian looked at Madeline as she spoke those words.

‘Did she think that I’m Jeremy?

‘Even if she did think that I’m Jeremy, I don’t think she’d speak like this, right?’

Fabian, unable to understand it, noticed Madeline’s gaze becoming confused, as though it was losing focus and not focusing on anything.

In the meantime, her pale lips kept moving as she continued to mutter to herself, “It wasn’t me, it really wasn’t me…”

Fabian immediately reminded Evan, “Hurry and check up on her. What’s going on with her?”

Evan immediately stepped forward to hold onto Madeline’s hand to check on her pulse. However, Madeline shoved Evan’s hand as he reached out to her, and she suddenly turned around and ran outside.

Judging from the reactions from earlier, Madeline knew that she had entered the final stage of the poison.

She noticed she had started to mutter gibberish,

and memories of utterly unfriendly scenes surfaced in her mind.

She had to quickly inject herself with the anti- toxoid test reagent, but it was placed in the purse in the car.

Fabian and Evan, neither speaking a word, immediately ran along to catch up to Madeline simultaneously.

“Eveline!” Fabian shouted at Madeline’s back.

He saw Madeline running toward a black car that was parked at the main entrance not far away.

Fabian guessed that it was probably the car Madeline had rented here.

She had driven that car and followed them all the way here.

‘However, isn’t she here to look for Lilian? Why did she just suddenly go off?


‘She said she’s going to use her last option. Could it be related to her returning to the car?’

As Fabian chased after Madeline, his mind analyzed a lot of possibilities.