Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1784

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1784 – The servant nodded continuously and immediately turned around and headed over to Lillian’s room.

Fabian momentarily stood in place before making his way downstairs, as though he just thought of the words to use as a response.

Evan, who was following behind Fabian, also reached the hall downstairs.

Madeline was standing in the hall and, when she saw Fabian, who was leisurely walking down the stairs, she then walked up to him.

“Lilian’s here, right?”

Upon hearing that, Fabian frowned and intended to express the unpleasant feeling within him.

“You might be unaware, Mrs. Whitman, but this is my personal household. Normally, I’d only entertain my best friends; everyone else is forbidden from entering here.”

Madeline could make out what Fabian was trying to convey from his statement.

She looked at Evan, who was behind Fabian, and immediately recalled that man was the one who she had nearly knocked into in the coffee shop not too long ago.

Evan, noticing Madeline’s gaze upon him, then put on a carefree smile, stepping forward to offer Madeline his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Montgomery. It’s my first time meeting you in person. I’m Fabian’s friend, Laker.”

Although Evan’s smile looked somewhat frivolous, it still looked rather friendly to Madeline.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Laker.”

Madeline politely shook Evan’s hand, then looked at Fabian.

“Fabian, are you truly not going to allow me to meet with my daughter?”

“Lilian isn’t here, ” Fabian said, flat out denying it despite Lilian was in fact sleeping in the bedroom upstairs.

Madeline lifted her eyes to look at her surroundings. In the corner of the sofa, she saw a doll. She also saw, on the coffee table, a flower vase containing a bouquet of powder blue baby’s breath.

‘All of these are Lily’s favorite.’

“I know Lilian’s here, Fabian. Hurry up and bring me to see my daughter. Lillian’s my child. I have the right to meet her and to bring her away.”

Madeline’s attitude suddenly became sterner.

However, Fabian shifted his gaze away and replied coldly, “Mrs. Whitman, I’m going to say this one more time. We don’t have the person you’re

looking for right here. What evidence do you have to prove that Lilian is in my house?”

Fabian counter-questioned with a straight face, causing a surprised look to show on Evan’s face.

‘This Fabian brat. When did he start telling lies with a straight face?’

He muttered silently, but deep inside him, he had the urge to tell Madeline that Lilian was currently very healthy so that she could be at ease.

However, he could not afford to expose Fabian’s lie. Otherwise, it could affect their friendship.

Hence, he might as well just sit on the sofa and watch Madeline argue with Fabian.

Besides, he had always admired Madeline as a perfumer. This moment could finally be his opportunity to admire such a splendid woman. It was not a bad idea.

In the face of Fabian’s denial, Madeline opened the photos and videos on her phone which contained the recordings of the surveillance camera that she had copied.

“These are the recordings taken on the surveillance cameras along the streets on the day you took Lilian away. Fabian, you’re the one who took Lilian away. Even without these surveillance cameras, with just the bouquet and candy box, I’d still be sure that you’re the culprit.”

Madeline had seen through everything.

“Fabian, Lilian is sick. She needs treatment. Could you please return my daughter to me right now?! “

Madeline requested with a stern look. This was her first time dealing with Fabian with such a forceful attitude.

After speaking, however, Madeline, uncertain whether it was because she was too emotionally agitated, felt her breath and heartbeat becoming rapid.

She wanted to recompose herself, yet in the meantime, she heard Fabian denying with a determined tone. “I had indeed gone to visit your daughter that day, but later on, I’d already sent someone to send her back to the hospital.” Madeline frowned. “Fabian, you’re lying. You…”

As she spoke, she paused; her palms suddenly started to sweat, and her palpitations started to worsen.

Evan, who had been constantly paying attention to Madeline, immediately noticed that there was something amiss with Madeline’s expression.

“Miss Montgomery, are you feeling unwell?”