Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1750

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1750 – Carter’s face fell. Extremely annoyed, he turned around, and this time, instead of seeing Cathy, he was met with a pair of fearless and determined eyes.

“l’ve never hit anyone before, and I too hope you won’t be the first to make me go against my principles.”

Adam’s piercing eyes confronted Carter’s.

Carter had not expected Adam to suddenly return home, but even so, this was not enough to prevent him from seeing Shirley.

Of course, Adam could tell what Carter was thinking. While pulling on Carter’s arm, unrelenting, Adam gave Cathy a look.

Cathy immediately understood and swiftly ran upstairs.

When Carter saw this, he tried to break away from Adam’s grip to follow Cathy, but Adam further tightened his grip.

Carter finally could not continue maintaining his elegant and noble façade.

“Adam, right now, you still have a chance. I don’t want to fight you, ” Carter said while giving Adam a knowing look as if he was holding back a rage of fury that could erupt at any time.

However, Adam was undaunted.

“Carter, I’ll only say this once. This is my house, and you are not welcome here. If you don’ t leave now, I will take action against you.”

“Heh.” Carter scoffed at this. “If it’s a fight you want, it’s a fight you’ll get! ”

There was a sudden, loud thud when Cathy reached the entrance to the bedroom.

However, she did not have time to look back. She opened the door and quickly ran in.

Inside, Cathy immediately noticed Shirley had slipped down the side of the bed and rushed over.

“I knew you’d do something stupid to avoid that man. ” While it sounded like Cathy was grumbling under her breath, she still held Shirley’s shoulders in a friendly manner, supporting her back onto the bed with great effort.

However, Shirley pushed Cathy away in a half- hearted manner. “Let me go! He’s coming! I don’t want to stay here! Hide me in the closet! Hurry! ”

Her face was full of panic and fear as she fervently pleaded.

Cathy could not help but frown. “Why are you so scared of him? He has only been using you this whole time, asking you to develop the poison to harm others. It was all his idea. You should have let a man like him go a long time ago! ”

“Shut up! Shut the h**l up!” Shirley interrupted Cathy incoherently, and Shirley’s eyes turned red without Shirley realizing it. “Jordan, are you teaching me how to conduct myself now? Did you forget how much you loved that man Felipe Whitman? You loved him until the day he died, didn’t you?”

Cathy was momentarily stumped for words when Shirley brought up Felipe. However, she quickly recomposed her wandering thoughts and calmly looked into Shirley’s red eyes.

“Yes, I thought about him until the day he died, but this doesn’t stop me from looking down on him and despising what he’d done. I see it all clearly, but what about you?”

“….” Shirley was stupefied by this.

“Listen, Adam’s fighting that man downstairs for you. What about you? Even now, do you still care about that man and not worry that he might hurt your brother?”

It was as if these words froze Shirley.

Heavy and hurried footsteps could now be heard from outside the door.

Cathy lifted her gaze and immediately saw Carter striding into the room, dark rancor emitting from his body.

His furious eyes swept over Cathy’s face and finally landed on Shirley…