Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1737

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1737 – Shirley clutched her face and ran forward without bothering which way she was going, braving the biting cold wind and snow.

The blood that seeped through the gaps of her fingers fell on the white snow drop by drop, and beautiful blooming flowers seemed to appear on the ground in a split second

Shirley did not know how long she had been running for, nor did she know where she was headed to. Her consciousness was getting more and more blurry. When she almost fainted, she rushed out into the road.

A taxi could not stop in time and directly crashed into Shirley who was running around blindly.

The taxi driver quickly hit the brakes and was so scared by this sudden incident that he was holding the steering wheel without budging an inch.

“It’s not my fault. She ran out into the road. It’s not my fault.”

The driver kept emphasizing.

When Adam and Cathy saw this from the backseat, the two of them opened the door and got out at the same time.

As a doctor, Adam would not leave the wounded to d*e without trying to save them.

Adam initially thought it was just a stranger who had carelessly dashed out into the road, but when he saw the face that was covered with dirt, Adam’s heart palpitated with fear.

“Shirley? Shirley!”

He called out to Shirley repeatedly but she was not reacting at all.

Adam tried to feel for Shirley’s breath, and her weak breathing caused his heart to plunge violently.

He carried Shirley, who was covered in blood, back into the car. Cathy also quickly got back into the car. The moment she sat down, she heard Adam roaring at the driver frantically.

“To the nearest hospital, hurry!”

The driver did not dare to delay it for even half a second. He immediately pressed down on the accelerator to speed to the nearest hospital…

Madeline and Jeremy went back to the hospital.

Karen was taking care of Lillian who was getting an intravenous infusion.

When Karen saw the two of them, she pointed at the bouquet of powder blue baby breaths on the table and said, “A masked man came to visit Lily just now. That man was very weird. He didn’t say anything and just left after putting the flowers down.”

“A man?”

“He looks like he’s in his 20s. He’s tall and handsome. I think he looks somewhat familiar but he was wearing a mask so I can’t be sure,” Karen explained.

Madeline walked to the bouquet and noticed that there was a glass jar full of colorful candies behind the bouquet.

When she saw the candies, Madeline arrived at a conclusion with much certainty. “It was Fabian. He left the flowers and the jar of candies.”

Jeremy approached Madeline to take a look. Indeed, there was a jar of candies behind the flowers.

“I don’t know what he’s trying to do. He wants to cut ties with us but he still cares about our daughter so much.”

Madeline smiled and sighed. Then, she turned around to look at Jeremy.

“Jeremy, what are you planning to do with Shirley? Can you get the security footage to see where she is right now?”

“Alright, I’ll get someone to do it now,” Jeremy said and walked to one side to make a call.

Madeline walked to the side of the bed to caress the sleeping little princess. As she watched the cold liquid seeping into the child’s body little by little, she felt incredibly helpless.

“Lily, you have to stay strong and make it through this.”

“Our Lily will be fine. However, I heard that something has happened to your body recently. What’s going on?” Karen asked with a friendly tone.

Madeline smiled. “Don’t worry, Mom. We’ll all make it through this.”

She promised, and at the same time, she was giving herself the confidence to make it through this.

Then, she recalled the test tube that Jeremy had broken himself.

She took out her phone and called Adam.