Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1705

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1705 – ‘Reason?’

The puzzlement in Madeline’s eyes intensified. “What reason?”

Jeremy seemed to hesitate for a few seconds, but he suddenly shook his head gently. “Nothing. Maybe I’m just overthinking. Linnie, let’s briefly discuss Lily’s treatment.”

He changed the subject, but he was starting to find Fabian’s change suspicious.

Since Madeline was now more concerned about Lillian’s disease, she did not question.

In the following days, Madeline and Jeremy had rushed between a few hospitals, and eventually found a place for Lillian in the hospital that was well-known and most authoritative in treating leukemia.

Madeline could not stand seeing such a young child going through so much pain. She had initially expected the child to swiftly recover and be able to speak, but they were merely jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Moreover, Eloise’s mind had yet to recover even now, so Madeline truly felt mentally exhausted.

The night came as usual.

Madeline was at the side of Lillian’s bed. After Lilian had fallen asleep, she tip-toed out of the room and into the corridor for some fresh air.

Presently, Jeremy was on his way home to get some daily necessities, so he would only be back a while longer. Now, there was only Madeline.

Madeline was about to sit down for a short rest when a nurse walked over and asked, “Excuse me, are you Lillian Whitman’s mother?”

“I am.”

“This is about Lilian’s information. I’d need you to verify them.”

Madeline glanced at the room. Even though the child was sleeping soundly, she was still quite worried.

The nurse, noticing Madeline’s worries, said, “I’ll ask my colleague to watch over the child. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks,” said Madeline as she followed the nurse to the nursing station.

However, the moment Madeline left, a figure swiftly walked over from the end of the corridor and sneaked into Lillian’s room.

The tall and upright figure went straight toward Lillian’s bed. Seeing the peaceful face still soundly asleep, the man reached out and caressed her cheeks. He then placed a bundle of powder blue baby’s breaths on the cabinet by the bed.


The door to the room opened suddenly. A nurse walked in and eyed the man, who stood next to the bed, with suspicion.

“Who are you?”

He briefly froze when he heard the words, then retracted his hand.

He immediately turned to leave without a word.

“Hey, who are you?” Confused, the nurse quickly and vigilantly chased after him.

The man, however, was quick on his feet, so she was unable to catch up.

Worried that something could happen to the unguarded Lillian, the nurse dared not continue her pursuit. She turned back and returned to the room, helping Madeline to watch over Lillian.

Barely a moment had passed, Madeline returned, and the nurse explained to her what had just happened.

Upon hearing the nurse’s description of the man, Madeline could roughly guess who it was.

She requested the nurse to continue watching over Lillian, then turned and headed toward the end of the corridor.

The hospital was very quiet at night. Madeline reached the door to the emergency staircase and saw that there was light coming from the staircase. This meant that the sound-activated light was turned on, clearly indicating that someone was there.

Without hesitation, Madeline pushed the door open and went in.

A faint smell of tobacco drifted over, and Madeline saw Fabian standing by the staircase, a cold look on his face as he smoked.

Fabian was slightly shocked to see Madeline, but he still managed to look very calm.

“You’re still as smart as ever, figuring out that I’m here, my lady,” Fabian said in a mocking tone all the while addressing Madeline as “my lady” like how he used to.