Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1698

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1698 – “I think so.” Cathy was certain about this.

She suddenly thought she could see her old self in Shirley.

Back then, she would similarly do anything for Felipe without hesitation. She would do it for Felipe no matter what it was.

Back then, she had even hypnotized Jeremy for that man…

However, that day was already long gone.

Now, not only was that day long gone but so too was that person.

While she was lost in thought, she heard Adam’s phone ringing.

“It’s Jeremy,” Adam said, gesturing to Cathy to not make a sound.

Cathy nodded, then Adam picked up the phone. “Don’t worry. I assure you, I’ll develop the anti-toxoid test reagent to heal Eveline as soon as possible. I’ve been busy with my research recently, so don’t worry if you can’t contact me. I’ll call the moment there’s an update.”

Cathy could tell that Adam did not want Jeremy to know about his captivity. Her heart suddenly ached for this man who always prioritized the needs of others with little consideration for himself.

Meanwhile, Jeremy, oblivious to Adam’s and Cathy’s plight, had been mostly concerned about Fabian’s movements all this while.

Based on what he understood about the situation so far, Fabian would be reaching Glendale in two days.

When Madeline had learned this, her immediate concern was her precious daughter.

She knew the little princess truly wanted to see Fabian.

Fabian must have an extraordinary presence in the little princess’s pure heart.

However, she did not tell Lillian about the possibility of seeing Fabian again. She sent the children to school as usual, and on her way home, she got a call from Jeremy. He told her Fabian would be arriving at Glendale by plane in an hour.

Madeline drove straight to the Glendale Airport. About two hours later, Madeline had yet to see Fabian at the airport exit.

At this moment, a tall figure appeared out of nowhere at the entrance of the kindergarten Lillian and Jackson attended.

The man wore a black coat over his towering figure, emitting a cold and mature air of austerity.

He stepped forward, approaching the guardhouse by the entrance.

When the guard saw the man, he went up and asked, “Who are you looking for, sir?”

“I’m looking for a child named Lillian Whitman from Sunflower Class B,” the man said calmly.

The guard thoughtfully regarded the man. “Sir, who are you to Lillian Whitman?”

The man briefly froze, then answered, “I’m her family.”

“Family?” The guard was doubtful. Before he could ask further, the man handed him a photo.

It was a photo of him and Lillian.

When the guard saw this photo, he lowered his guard. “Wait here for a moment.”

“Okay.” The man nodded slightly. He saw the guard walking in, and soon after, a petite figure appeared.

The class teacher held Lillian’s hand as they slowly walked toward him.

Upon seeing that pure and adorable face again, the man’s eyes narrowed, subtly glinting.

As Lillian finally saw the man, her small legs slowly came to a halt.