Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1695

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1695 – Cathy took two steps back in caution. She was wondering if they were the thugs who had caused trouble for Felipe back then, but they did not look like those thugs.

“Who are you people?”

She asked again and took out her phone in secret to call her emergency contact.

“Miss Jordan, don’t be scared. We mean you no harm. Our boss just wants to have some coffee with you.”

“Who’s your boss?” Cathy asked and pressed the number of her emergency contact.

“You’ll know who it is when you go. I hope you can cooperate with us. Don’t make us take you to the car with brute force,” one of the men who looked slightly refined said in a profound manner.

Cathy stopped her finger that was pressing the button. Before she could say anything else, the bodyguards walked toward her.

“Miss Jordan, please.”

Cathy did not show any fear or weakness when she saw the men’s imperative looks.

“Who’s your boss? Why should I go with you without knowing anything?”

When the man saw that Cathy was not cooperating, he sighed helplessly.

“Since you’re not cooperating with us, Miss Jordan, we can only use this way to take you to the car.”

The man said and eyed the bodyguards at one side.

Two of the bodyguards walked to both of Cathy’s sides and lifted her up without breaking a sweat.

“What are you doing?! Let me go!”

Cathy struggled with all her might, but she could not win against those tall and sturdy men no matter what.

She was forcefully taken into the car. The car was driving very fast, so it was impossible for her to jump out of it. She could only let them do whatever they wanted with her.

Adam was in his office doing his research with full attention. When he was done, he noticed that Cathy had called him not long ago.

He quickly called her back but realized that she had switched off her phone.

Adam started feeling nervous. He quickly checked the location of Cathy’s phone and found out that her phone was in a place he had never been to before.

At this moment, Cathy was sitting in an extravagant-looking European-style living room. As she faced the cold and expressionless face that looked like an iceberg, her heart was filled with questions.

“Professor Gray, why did you go through so much trouble to bring me here?” Cathy went straight to the point. “My children are still waiting for me at home, so I can’t stay out for too long.”

When Carter heard the way Cathy addressed him, the corners of his lips moved slightly.

“I noticed you back when we were in the academy. You’re talented in hypnotism and your results were exceptional as well. The only person who could break my hypnotism so far is you.”

It sounded as if Carter was praising Cathy, but she did not think so.

“Professor Gray, can you just tell me why you brought me here?”

When Carter saw Cathy’s impatient expression, he slowly lifted his cup of coffee and leisurely took a sip.

“Taste this coffee. Is it the same as the one you had in St. Piaf?”


Cathy peered askance at the coffee on the coffee table. She did not know why Carter was saying that.

“Have a taste.”

Carter parted his lips again, and his tone was mild.

When Cathy thought of what had happened to Madeline, she looked at the cup of coffee but did not reach out to hold it.

Carter detected Cathy’s doubts and smiled. “You’re very cautious. However, don’t worry. I didn’t add anything to the coffee. I didn’t have a particular reason when I asked my men to bring you here. I just want you to stay here for some time.”

“You want me to stay here?” Cathy was in disbelief. Then, she saw Carter nodding firmly.

“Why do you want me to stay here?”