Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1692

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1692 – She took the child by his hand and walked into the p****n.

Madeline and Jeremy were waiting at the entrance while holding hands. The warm winter sun looked brilliant, but it was unable to bring them any warmth at all.

After Cathy entered the building, she explained to the p****n guard why she was here.

Due to Felipe’s extraordinary circumstances, the p****n guard asked Cathy to wait outside.

While she was waiting, Cathy became sick with worry.

She wandered back and forth in the hall, waiting for a less regrettable result.

It did not take long for the p****n guard to come back, but he only had an answer that made Cathy’s heart turn cold.

“Miss Jordan, Felipe said that he doesn’t want to see anyone, especially you.”

Cathy was stunned. ‘It turns out that I’m the person you don’t want to see the most right now.’

She smiled. “Thank you.”

After thanking him, Cathy turned around but looked back again after taking two steps.

“He’s about to be executed, isn’t he?”

The p****n guard glanced at Cathy and nodded.

With this definite answer, Cathy felt her vision turning black and even her brain was blank for a moment.

Madeline and Jeremy had been waiting outside. They hoped to wait a little longer because if they were here long enough, it would mean that Cathy had seen Felipe. However, in the end, Cathy came back out again soon after.

“It seems that he has already made up his mind.” Madeline and Jeremy looked at each other. “Felipe has given it a lot of thought.”

“Then we shall respect his wishes and help him fulfill his last wish.”


Madeline nodded. Suddenly, she felt a touch of warmth from the winter sun.

The days after returning home, Cathy would stay in her apartment in a daze and rarely went out. Most of the time, she would just be standing on the balcony tending to the yellow roses.

‘Felipe, maybe you didn’t know this but yellow roses also carry meaning.

‘It means I’m still waiting for you.

‘However, you will eventually leave me. You’ll leave me forever and ever.’

Cathy did not expect Felipe to be sentenced so quickly and would even be executed soon.

When she woke up early this morning, the sky was gray.

Cathy held the umbrella and walked to the flower shop downstairs. She bought a bunch of yellow roses as usual. When she walked out of the shop, the rain suddenly became slightly heavier.

Looking at the city shrouded in rain and fog, Cathy’s heart seemed to fall into darkness.

As her thoughts wandered, her phone vibrated. It was a call from Adam. Cathy answered and Adam’s gentle greeting sounded from the other end.

“Are you okay?” Adam’s voice was gentle and laced with boundless concern.

Cathy froze for a moment before speaking, “I’m fine. How about you?”

On the other end, Adam was silent for a while. “I’m fine too. If you have time, bring the kids over to hang out with me. I miss Juan and Jan.”

“I’ll bring them over to play with you. Thank you, Adam. I’ll hang up now if there’s nothing else.”

“Okay.” Although Adam was a little reluctant, he still ended the call.

Cathy looked at the dimmed phone screen. Then, the screen lit up again while she was in a daze. This time, it was from Jeremy.

For some reason, she started to feel dazed when she looked at the incoming call.

In the end, she still answered the call. “Jeremy, what’s the matter?”

“He’s gone.”