Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1687

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1687 – Jeremy had always thought that he was of a calm disposition, but now, he was on edge.

Felipe was giving up on himself. As his nephew, Jeremy was extremely worried.

Jeremy knew that if Felipe were willing, Felipe could certainly avoid the d***h penalty. However, he seemed to have accepted his fate.

He had also thought that, after meeting with Cathy and learning that he had two children, Felipe would certainly aspire to continue living. On the contrary, the meeting only solidified his determination to walk resolutely towards d***h.

“Felipe, have you thought about it, truly?” Jeremy sought his confirmation yet again. “You only live once. There’s no turning back.”

After listening to Jeremy’s earnest reminder, Felipe seemed to be lost in contemplation.

A long while later, Felipe lifted his gentle and narrow eyes.

“Jeremy, I need your help for the final time.”

“Tell me.”

“I hope Cathy will have a blissful and carefree life from now on.”

“You can give her the bliss that she wants.”

Upon hearing his words, Felipe curled his lips into a small smile. “Her bliss would require a condition, and that would be for me to withdraw from her life.”

Jeremy frowned at this. “How in the world do you want me to help?”

Felipe only gave a mysterious smile. “Jeremy, I believe that with your ability, you’d certainly be able to assist me in performing this task with perfection.”

Jeremy stared at Felipe’s smiling face in confusion. Felipe’s words slowly made it clear to Jeremy what Felipe’s favor would entail.

Jeremy could deeply sense Felipe’s love for Cathy in his words.

He pitied them and felt a pang of heartache for Felipe.

Felipe was most probably very regretful, but regret was often useless.

In this regard, Jeremy had already experienced much himself.

Fortunately, he and Madeline could still turn back, but Felipe and Cathy…

The seaside of April Hill.

Madeline accompanied Cathy for some time as they enjoyed the sea breeze. Although it was a little cold, Madeline did not want to disturb her.

Madeline, watching Cathy standing motionlessly on the shore like a wooden person, felt a pang of heartache for her.

As she was about to persuade Cathy, Cathy looked back and gave Madeline a friendly smile.

“Evie, you don’t need to accompany me. Just let me stay here by myself.”

Madeline approached her. “Cathy, if there’s anything that’s bothering you, don’t hesitate to talk to me about it. You’ll have my undivided attention.”

Tears p*****d the corners of Cathy’s eyes. Biting her lip, she strode toward Madeline and hugged her. “Evie.”

The way Cathy called out to her tightened Madeline’s heart.

She held Cathy and gently patted her back, comforting her. “I’m here. Don’t cry. Just tell me if you have any grievances.”

The corners of Cathy’s eyes were soaked as she could no longer fight back the tears. “He said that he’ll see me in the next life. He said that he has always loved the wrong person.”

Madeline’s patting motion suddenly stopped. Based on Cathy’s words, Felipe still intended to accept the d***h penalty, no longer wanting to appeal.

This surprised Madeline.

It seemed that he seeks d***h as his atonement.

It was evident that, deep down, Cathy could never truly let go of Felipe.

Despite her earlier memory lapse, the instant that she remembered, her feelings for Felipe would have only become stronger.