Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1680

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1680 – “I didn’t expect to see you again.” He broke the silence in a light manner, but the smile on his face was no longer charming and looked a little desolate.

“Have you really decided not to appeal?” Jeremy went straight to the subject. “You have the opportunity to appeal and I can help you find a lawyer so that at least you won’t be sentenced to d***h.”

“I don’t need it anymore,” Felipe refused decisively. “I’ve been obsessed for so many years and as a result, it’s all for nothing. I’ve had feelings for a woman for so many years, but in the end, I personally drove her to misery…”

He paused as he was talking, his brows furrowing with endless grief and melancholy.

“We should let this end here.”

“Grandpa is still waiting for you to go back.”

At Jeremy’s words, there was a slight change in Felipe’s expression. Jeremy could see that Felipe was still a little reluctant to leave this world, but it was just that he could not spare himself when he thought about what had happened to Cathy.

“Apologize to Uncle for me. I can no longer step into the Whitmans’ door.” Felipe’s eyes went red.

“You still have a chance as long as you’re willing,” Jeremy repeatedly advised. Although Felipe had made a lot of mistakes, he did not have to d*e to atone for his crimes.

Felipe fell into a short silence when he heard the words, but after a while, he still refused.

“Jeremy, Eveline, I only have one request. I hope you can spend more time with Cathy in the future. Apart from Adam, I’m afraid that there’s no one else to accompany her here.”

“What do you mean?” Madeline asked suddenly, her tone straightforward and sharp. “She still has two children to accompany her.”

As soon as he heard the mention of the two children, Felipe’s dim eyes lit up.

“The two children—”

“Are yours,” Madeline said these two words without hesitation.

Although Felipe had already figured this out, he was still taken aback when he received such a certain answer.

The light in his narrow eyes became brighter and it was as though it had lit up his gloomy heart as well.

“So, will you still stubbornly await d***h?” Madeline asked sharply.

Felipe was really stunned. He could no longer be as resolute and decisive as before. The light in his eyes that was getting brighter was the best proof.

“Actually, I can feel that Cathy still has feelings for you.”

“Really?” Felipe raised his wet and red eyes that were full of expectations.

Madeline nodded slightly. She was not lying to Felipe, she just told him candidly about what she thought.

“If Cathy didn’t have feelings for you, she would not have taken the initiative to withdraw the court’s accusation against you. Otherwise, with an additional charge of attempted homicide, you wouldn’t be able to escape the d***h penalty at all.”

“It turns out that Cathy was the one who took the initiative to revoke this…” Felipe sighed as he leaned back in the chair in exhaustion.

He closed his eyes and opened them slowly after a while.

“I want to see her again for the last time. Can you help me persuade her to come and see me again?” Felipe pleaded.

Seeing the strong hope in Felipe’s eyes, Jeremy agreed without hesitation. “I’ll help you arrange it.”

Felipe, who was sitting limply in the chair, immediately became more energetic. “Really?”

Jeremy nodded. “I’m a man of my word. Just wait, I’ll not only persuade Cathy to come and see you, but I’ll also let you have a special meeting. Just wait for me to arrange it.”