Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1674

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1674 – Madeline looked back at Karen and expressed her gratitude. “I’m so grateful to you for all your help in caring for my mother all this while. I truly mean it.”

Karen could fully sense Madeline’s sincerity. She raised her hand and patted Madeline’s shoulder lightly, her eyes filled with love and kindness that she never had before.

“We’re family. You don’t need to thank me. I feel at ease now that you’re back safely. You and Jeremy ought to rest up in your room first. The other issues can be dealt with later. Plus, there’s no need to worry about your mother. I’ll take care of her myself.”

Hearing Karen’s words, Madeline was quite moved.

Sometimes, life was truly wonderful. At the very least, it never crossed her mind that, one day, her relationship with Karen would be like this.

Madeline and Jeremy returned to their bedroom. Although they had not been back for a very long time, the room had been thoroughly cleaned, all traces of Naomi erased.

After lying down on the familiar bed, Madeline felt her fatigue melting away.

Jeremy laid next to Madeline, gently pulling her into his arms. “Linnie, are you tired?”

Madeline leaned against Jeremy’s body, free from her worries. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m exhausted.”

She did not continue to hide how she felt right now. She was distraught from the consecutive series of predicaments around her. Even now, her body was infected with some unknown poison.

Jeremy suddenly tightened his embrace and leaned down, planting a soft k**s on Madeline’s forehead, guilt-ridden.

As her husband, he had been incapable of protecting her throughout it all.


“Jeremy, don’t blame yourself.” Madeline could guess what Jeremy was about to say. She opened her eyes and lifted her head, lying on him. “No one can predict what comes next, and you’ve already done what you should, so don’t blame yourself.”

When he heard that, Jeremy felt his heart ache. He softly stroked Madeline’s cheek. “Linnie, don’t you know that sensible women are the easiest to get hurt?”

“I don’t believe in that. I only know that my husband will do all he can to make me happy.”

Madeline smiled sweetly and kissed Jeremy’s thin lips.

When they broke off the k**s, he regained his initiative, pressing his hand against the back of Madeline’s head and lifting his head to k**s her lips.

His heart was bursting with unmeasurable excitement and desire to make love to her, but he stopped himself.

Once they had stopped flirting, he held Madeline and sat up. “Linnie, we should head over to Adam’s place. Nothing is more important than your body’s condition now.”

Madeline thought Jeremy had a point. They swiftly drove to Adam’s house, bringing along the last tube of test reagent Shirley had given them.

The sky had already turned dark. Although Madeline and Jeremy felt uncomfortable with troubling Adam, they were worried that Madeline’s condition could worsen with every passing second.

When they arrived, Adam was sitting alone in the living room, dazed, and holding a toy bear.

Upon seeing Madeline and Jeremy, his mouth curved into a slight smile.

“You’re here.”

Adam said as he took the test reagent from Jeremy. He realized that it was vacuum-packed. Once opened, it would be contaminated by bacteria.

That way, when it was time for Madeline to use the test reagent, she would be in trouble.

“It seems like I can’t test this right now. I’ll need to wait until the time when you need to use the test reagent. I’d only be able to extract a drop for examination then,” Adam said, helpless. Then, he asked, “Have you seen Shirley? What did she tell you?”

“She has an unusual relationship with a man named Carter,” said Jeremy. “The man who had barged in here last time. Do you still remember him?”