Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1669

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1669 – Back then.

It was back then again.

Those two words struck a chord in Shirley.

“Shirley, do you know how much I hate you now?” Carter practically spat his words out through gritted teeth, his grip tightening.

Shirley winced in pain, her brows knitted tightly together. Coupled with the fever, the intense pain all over her body made her feel like she might explode.

Even so, she did not feel that this pain was too bad. She had already suffered so much throughout these years.

The most painful things to her were being abandoned by her parents and being hated by the man she loved.

“Let me say this, Shirley. You should’ve just stayed away after leaving back then. Since you have the guts to come back, then you should be prepared to be tormented by me!”

Carter’s face, which rarely showed any emotions, betrayed a furious expression.

He tossed Shirley, who had no strength to resist, onto the bed. When Shirley was least expecting it, he leaned over her.

Shirley was stunned. Despite her pain, she also felt joy.

This scene felt even more like a dream to her. In her dazed dream-like state, she could still hear the man’s clear yet cold voice. “Didn’t you say that you love me the most, and expressed a reluctance to part from me? This is the outcome you’ve been wanting the most, right?”

His low voice was laced with a hint of delight and disrespect, yet Shirley found it pleasurable.

She would accept it gladly, even if he was mocking her.

Outside the windows, the wind and snow continued to grow heavier, quietly covering every corner of the city with a layer of silver coating.

Inside the hotel room.

Jeremy had been staying by the bedside the entire time, waiting for Madeline to wake.

He looked at the time. It had almost been 6 hours since the injection, but Madeline still had not awakened.

Feeling a little worried, he took out the test reagent tube Shirley had given him. As he walked to the balcony, he took out his phone to call Adam.

After he explained the circumstances to Adam, Adam exclaimed in disbelief. “I didn’t expect her to become like this.”

“Can Linnie be saved?” Jeremy was anxious to know the answer. “I don’t want her to experience the pain I’ve experienced.”

“I think I need some time to research this. Currently, I have no clue as to what Shirley had done to Eveline.”

“I’ll take Linnie back to Glendale as soon as possible.”

“Okay, bring her back as fast as you can. Keep the test reagent Shirley gave you properly,” Adam urged again. Right before the call disconnected, he quickly stopped Jeremy. “Can you give me her contact number?”

Jeremy pondered for two seconds before asking, “Don’t you have her contact number?”

“She wouldn’t want to contact me. She hates me.” Adam laughed bitterly.

Jeremy was confused. “You’re brother and sister.”

“Well, yes, we’re brother and sister, but she always had something weighing heavily on her mind, so that’s why she’d stray onto the wrong path.” Adam sighed in regret. “Actually, she had been a good sister back then.”

Hearing the helplessness in Adam’s voice, Jeremy did not probe further.

After he hung up the phone, he sent Shirley’s contact number to Adam. Then, he returned to the bedside to watch Madeline.

He gently held Madeline’s hand and placed it next to his lips to k**s it.

‘Linnie, I won’t let you experience the same pain I’ve been through.’

‘It felt so terrible.’

However, Jeremy kept feeling that something was amiss. ‘What was the purpose behind Shirley’s request and her actions?’

Why did he feel that someone was instructing Shirley behind the scenes?

After deliberating about this, Jeremy decided to contact Shirley once again.

He placed Madeline’s hands down and walked back to the cold and windy balcony.