Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1668

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1668 – “…” The bodyguard was momentarily speechless, but he also did not know where to place Shirley.

The old butler immediately gestured. “Come with me, upstairs, to Miss Jenny’s room.”

The bodyguard nodded, carrying Shirley upstairs as per the old butler’s orders.

“Stop.” Carter stopped them in a cold voice. “Are you confused as to who is your master? If you are, you can leave immediately.”



The bodyguard and the old butler were both taken aback.

The bodyguard figured that he might lose his job if he did not put Shirley down right now, so he walked to the sofa, ready to toss Shirley onto the sofa.

Just as he was about to, he saw Carter coming up to him.

“Mr. Carter, I’ll put this woman down now,” explained the bodyguard. He was a big man, almost 1.9m tall, but he seemed to tremble with trepidation in front of Carter.

Carter said nothing, only coldly looked askance at the bodyguard. Then, he spread his arms, taking Shirley from the bodyguard, and turned around, heading straight up the stairs.

The bodyguard and old butler shared a look. They were both confused by Carter’s action.

Carter took Shirley back to the bedroom where she used to stay. The bed was very soft and big, and it even smelled of sunshine, indicating that the maids had always been taking care of this room.

The maids came in to help as per the butler’s orders. However, as soon as they entered the bedroom, they saw Carter, his face as cold as an iceberg, removing all of Shirley’s coat and clothes, leaving only her underwear.

This degree of close contact seemed very ordinary to Carter, but the two of the maids blushed a little as this scene unfolded.

Carter’s family doctor, reserved solely for the royalty, soon arrived. After examining Shirley, he said that there was nothing serious, only that she had caught a cold and a fever, and her body temperature was a little high.

After the doctor had left, Carter asked the maids to make some g****r tea.

He glanced at sleeping Shirley, then walked back to the desk, picking up the photo frame again.

The boy and girl in the photo frame stood side by side, radiant and cheerful smiles on their faces.

“Hmph.” Carter laughed suddenly, then he glanced at Shirley. “Big sister?”

Carter sneered and roughly threw the photo frame.

Shirley, who was deep in slumber, woke up when she heard the noise.

She opened her eyes. Groggily, she saw Carter’s cold facial expressions as he walked toward her, his entire body radiating an aura colder than frost.

Shirley examined her surroundings and realized she was lying in bed, in her room when she had stayed in the Gray Manor.

She slowly sat up, her head feeling abnormally heavy. She remembered standing in the wind and snow, and she figured she might have caught a cold and a fever.

However, she was not at all worried about her body. She knew the art of healing, so this minor problem was nothing to her.

As she was about to sit up and got out of bed, Carter suddenly grasped the back of her neck.

Shirley’s gorgeous eyes widened in surprise as she looked at Carter’s expressionless face.

With Carter’s palm on the back of her neck, she could feel that the unparalleled coldness penetrating her feverish skin, as though it instantly froze her body.


Confused, Shirley looked at Carter, whose face grew increasingly cold. She quickly apologized to him.

“I can walk on my own. I won’t bring you any trouble. Please don’t get mad.”

“You don’t want to make me mad, huh? That sounds nice, but what have you done back then?”