Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1665

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1665 – She could not believe that the figure in her eyes was real.

Shirley lifted her hand slowly to push the door open. The figure in her eyes became clearer, so she was sure that she was not seeing things.

In that instant, the snow on her shoulders started to become warmer.

Shirley closed the door gently, and when she was about to say something, the man standing in front of the French windows suddenly turned around.

It was dusk and snowing, so the room was dim, but Shirley felt that there was an abnormally beautiful light enveloping the man in front of her.

“Since you dare to come find me like this, it means that you’ve succeeded, right?” Carter asked in an icy tone. Moving his long legs, he walked to the desk. He then placed the photo frame in his hand on the table unconsciously.

Shirley walked straight to him. “It’s done. Jeremy has agreed to arrange for me to join ZF in Glendale.”

“Not bad,” Carter praised her unconsciously. “However, if your brother successfully develops an anti-toxoid test reagent that’s able to control this, the plan will be ruined. Do you understand me?”

“He won’t! Adam… Adam won’t be able to find a way to control this in such a short time. Even if he eventually does, our plan would have succeeded by then.”

“It’s not our plan,” Carter said, correcting her. His emotionless eyes scanned Shirley’s face.

He could see the loneliness in Shirley’s eyes. For some reason, he felt thrilled.

It was a thrill, right?

“Did you see Jeremy by yourself just now?” Carter asked coldly and walked toward the door.

Shirley followed him. “We talked in front of the entrance of the hotel.”

“You were talking amid the cold wind and falling snow. How romantic. I guess you haven’t forgotten about those beautiful times you spent with him in that half a year, right? You said you’re treating him like an experiment, but in your heart, you’re reluctant for him to get hurt. Am I right?”

After Carter said that, he walked out of the bedroom.

Shirley quickly chased after him. “Carter.” She followed behind him and walked next to him.

At that moment, it was as if she had recalled the time when they spent every day together.

There should be some feelings between the two of them after so many years, right?

Shirley thought about this in her heart, but perhaps some things, like feelings, would change with time.

She followed Carter into the study. She saw that aside from some renovation, the decorations were still the same as before.

The first thing she saw was the crystal ball the size of an apple that was placed on the desk.

She still remembered the story about the crystal ball.

Shirley’s eyes lit up with a spark of joy. She walked over to touch the crystal ball lightly. “Carter, you’re still keeping the crystal ball.”

Carter did not even look at it. “I’ve been wanting to throw it away for a very long time now, but this place lacks decorations, so that’s why I kept it.


The smile that finally appeared on Shirley’s face fell once again.

She looked at Carter. His stalwart heroic spirit, his perfect figure, and his face that carried no warmth were like an iceberg—there was only coldness.

“Carter, you weren’t like this before.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t like this back then. I don’t know when this started,” Carter said profoundly. Suddenly, his icy gaze oppressed Shirley’s gaze.

“Shirley, remember, stop minding my business. You’re just a chess piece to me now.” He warned, “The reason I took you in and raised you back then was so that I could use you today, do you understand?”

Shirley’s heart was aching when she listened to the man’s cruel words. However, she still smiled magnanimously.