Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1634

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1634 – The priest nodded in satisfaction and then turned to ask Madeline.

“Miss Eveline Montgomery, are you willing to marry Mr. Carter Gray and be his wife?
Are you willing to marry him and support each other for life regardless of pain or illness, sadness or happiness?”

Madeline knew that everyone was waiting for her two-word answer, but she knew that there was one person who did not want to hear that.

“Miss Eveline Montgomery, please answer my question. Are you willing to—”

“I do not,” Madeline decisively interrupted the priest who was repeating the question.

Her distinct and resonant voice sounded very clearly in the empty field.

Those who heard Madeline’s answer were all stunned. Then, it was followed by all kinds of exclamations fueled by shock and surprise.

The priest stared at Madeline dumbfoundedly. “Miss Eveline, please answer again. Are you willing to—”

“I said, I do not.”


Again, Madeline’s straightforward answer sounded very outrageous.

The crowd was promised a sweet wedding, but why did this happen all of a sudden?

Great waves of emotions gradually appeared on Carter’s handsome face. He took a step toward Madeline. “Are you sure you want to risk Jeremy’s safety?”

Madeline raised her eyebrows and suddenly lifted the white veil in front of everyone.

When her exquisite and gorgeous small face was revealed, she attracted all kinds of gazes that were filled with admiration from around her.

However, Madeline’s sharp gaze met Carter’s dangerous eyes ostentatiously. “Carter, this farce is over. How could I marry you?”



Carter and the people around him who heard this were all stunned. The priest broke into a sweat with fright, quickly walking to Madeline.

“Miss Eveline, this is a sacred place. I hope you can take marriage seriously.”

“I am taking marriage seriously, so it’s even more impossible for me to marry this person.” Madeline glanced at Carter whose face was getting increasingly colder. “It’s because I’m already married. My husband and I are in a very loving and affectionate relationship. We have three children together, so pray tell, why would I marry him when I’m in this situation?”

“Wow…” Everyone was shocked again.


“How could there be such a thing?”

“No way! This woman is actually married and has three children? How did Carter choose such a woman among so many other women?!”

“Right? She only looks beautiful. How could he choose a married woman like her?”

Madeline looked back unsurprisingly, meeting those skeptical and critical gazes. She said frankly, “He picked me just to have me cooperate with him in his act. I never had a real relationship with him.”

“An act? How outrageous!”

The elders of the Gray family were a little angry. Meanwhile, Carter’s father had already fallen.

At this moment, Carter could not maintain his demeanor anymore. He bowed his head slightly, approached Madeline’s ear, and parted his lips to warn her.

“Eveline, I shall remind you one last time. Don’t risk Jeremy’s safety, and the fact that you just announced your marriage in public means you’re telling everyone that you’ve committed bigamy.”

After listening to Carter’s warning unconcernedly, a magnanimous smile appeared on her gentle and beautiful face. She spoke fearlessly in front of everyone.

“Carter, you don’t need to threaten me anymore. I am committing bigamy. I, Eveline Montgomery, am now admitting it to the public!”