Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1629

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1629 – Upon hearing this, Madeline’s eyes froze for a second.

She stared at the deep smiling eyes in front of her, and suddenly, a shuddering sensation came up from the soles of her feet.

This man had seen through her, but he was so calm.

When he saw that Madeline was silent and did not look like she was going to conceal or defend herself, Carter’s eyes had a touch of appreciation.

“Can you tell me when this happened?” Carter asked mildly, “When did the hypnosis break?”

Madeline changed her docile attitude that she had from before. At this moment, her eyes were full of sharpness and even her tone suddenly became increasingly rigid.

“Then can you also tell me what’s your purpose for doing this? Why are you collecting information about my husband and why do you want to hypnotize me to instill that kind of information? Also, what’s your purpose of bringing me here?”

Madeline voiced out all of the doubts in her mind. After the series of questions left her lips, Carter laughed lowly.

He put down the wine glass in his hand. “There’s no purpose. I just think it’s very interesting.”

As soon as Madeline heard this, she knew Carter was hiding something. Of course, Madeline would not believe him.

“Carter, you saved me back then and I’m very grateful to you, but you can’t use this as a condition to deceive me into signing a marriage agreement with you.”

“I thought I was helping you solve your problem with Ada, and I believed you when you said that the engagement agreement was just for display, but in fact, it turned out to be a marriage certificate.”

Carter nodded and smiled without denying it. “Yes, according to St. Piaf’s marriage system, you’re now my legal wife. However, at the same time, you and Jeremy have a marriage contract, so strictly speaking, you’ve committed bigamy.”

“So this was how you threatened Jeremy last time and that’s why he agreed to let you take me away.”

“As you said, that’s what I told him,” Carter admitted magnanimously. “Eveline, if you don’t want Jeremy to get into trouble, I hope you can continue to cooperate with me.”

“Cooperate with you to continue this fake act to torture my husband?”

Carter smiled and asked, “Didn’t you want to continue this as well? Otherwise, why would you pretend to still be hypnotized by me?”

“…” Madeline was speechless for a while.

She had indeed been pretending to be hypnotized, but her purpose in doing so was to thoroughly understand Carter’s purpose.

However, it seemed that this man was not so easily deceived now.

“Was it that time?”

Suddenly, Carter asked again and then said out the guess in his heart.

“I went to find you at that man named Adam’s house that day. In the beginning, the woman named Cathy was helping you to break the hypnosis. In fact, she was really good, and she was almost done. However, she did not get to the final step because she needed the crystal ball that was used to hypnotize you. Although she also had a crystal ball, it wasn’t the same one.”

He narrowed his eyes and said the conclusion.

“Because of my appearance at the time and me shaking the crystal ball in front of you, it happened to make you completely wake up under Cathy’s order.”

After saying this, Carter paused. He looked directly into Madeline’s eyes.

“Am I right?”

“So what if it is? No matter what, I can’t let you hypnotize me a second time.”

Madeline’s eyes were firm, and her tone sounded as if she would not take any other opinions.

“Since you’ve seen through me, I can’t inquire anything from you. As such, our cooperation will end here.”

When she finished speaking, she turned around quickly. Carter looked at Madeline’s turned back and gently swirled the red wine in his glass. Suddenly he raised his eyebrows and waved his arm, throwing the wine glass heavily on the ground.

The glass quickly shattered, making a crisp and harsh sound.

Madeline stopped in her tracks abruptly. When she was about to turn her head, she saw maids and bodyguards rushing over to her.

Carter still had a calm smile on his face as he said casually, “Send Miss Montgomery back to her room.”