Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1621

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1621 – Jeremy glanced around and realized that no one had noticed him.

He had not deliberately disguised himself to be low-key, and his clothes were the same as usual. He just did not want to be deliberately low-key and attract the attention of others.

However, was it really that easy?

Jeremy pondered upon this, then turned around to thank Ada before going upstairs.

Ada watched Jeremy go upstairs and called Carter after a while.

“Jeremy is on his way.”

When Carter heard this from the other end of the phone, the corners of his lips upturned. He got up and left the study to go to the designated room.

However, after he pushed the door to go in, he found that it was empty and there was no one inside.

Madeline was not in this room, and he knew that. However, it was strange that Jeremy was not here either.

He calmly took out his phone and called Ada. “Where’s Jeremy?”

Ada was confused when she was asked this question. “He went to the room you specified. I saw him go upstairs.”

“You saw him go upstairs but did you see him enter this room?”


Ada was speechless for a moment. She lifted her head and looked at a guest room on the second floor, only to meet Carter’s cold gaze mid-air.

Carter was standing at the door of that room, and his expression looked very horrible.

He knew that Jeremy had come to St. Piaf with him. He had planned for it because he wanted to give Jeremy a taste of his own medicine to embarrass him.

However, Jeremy had not appeared in this room as he planned.

Carter immediately rushed over when he started to suspect that Jeremy might have found the room where Madeline was really located. However, he only found that several maids were helping Madeline with her makeup and dress. There was nothing unusual.

Jeremy had obviously come upstairs, but it was as if he suddenly evaporated and disappeared.

Carter could not wrap his head around this and went to look in a few other rooms, but he could not find Jeremy.

At this moment, Jeremy was rummaging through Carter’s study for what he was looking for.

He remembered Carter taking out the crystal ball from his pocket that day, so his eyes fell on the suit jacket hanging on the hanger.

He quickly walked over, and as soon as he reached out his hand, he touched the crystal ball in the jacket pocket.

At this moment, footsteps sounded from outside the door.

Jeremy quickly put away the crystal ball and swiftly retreated behind the door to hide.

After a while, he saw Carter hurriedly walking in.

Immediately afterward, Ada also appeared in the study.

“Carty, I really saw Jeremy coming upstairs. I think he must be on the second floor.”

Jeremy’s eyes glinted when he heard Ada’s words.

Sure enough, he had not guessed wrong. This woman did not genuinely want to help him. Carter and she were in on this.

They wanted to catch him.

He was now in St. Piaf, and if he fell into Carter’s trap, he would be in trouble.

“Don’t you have his contact information? Call him right now,” Carter demanded.

Ada heard the words and immediately took action. The call was quickly connected, but no one answered.

Ada looked at Carter who had an icy look on his face helplessly and uneasily. “He’s not answering my call.”

Carter raised his black eyes and glanced at the door. “I don’t think he’ll answer your call either.”

“Carty, you mean…” Ada looked at Carter whose eyes were getting more and more treacherous in confusion.