Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1610

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1610 – “I’ll never obey you.” Madeline resisted.

However, after she finished saying those resisting words, Adam walked out of the house.

When he saw Madeline and Jeremy, he was surprised. However, what shocked him even more was that Jeremy had bound Madeline’s hands together with a tie.

He did not expect that Jeremy would do this.

He looked at Madeline. He could not find the previous gentle and friendly smile on her fair and stunning face. Now, there was only coldness.

“Are they here?” Cathy walked out as well.

When Madeline heard Cathy’s voice, she lifted her eyes to look at her.

“Evie.” Cathy smiled and greeted Madeline.

Madeline furrowed her gorgeous eyebrows. Then, a hint of surprise flashed across her eyes. “Are you… Cathy?”

“Linnie, do you know Cathy?” Jeremy was surprised.

Madeline ignored Jeremy and took a step closer to Cathy. “Are you Cathy?”

“Yes, I am.” Cathy nodded. When she saw Madeline’s tied-up hands, she walked over to undo the tie.

Cathy looked into Madeline’s eyes seriously and amicably. Then, she reached out to Madeline. “Evie, come with me.”

Madeline had been resistant, but this time, it was as if Cathy’s sincere eyes and smile were affecting her. As such, she followed Cathy into the house.

Jeremy did not dare to ask Madeline anything. When he saw this, he felt delighted in his heart.

This was good. As long as Madeline did not resist Cathy, then Cathy would have a chance to get close to her.

Madeline followed Cathy to her room. The warm decorations in the room made Madeline feel comfortable.

“Evie, please sit down over there.” Cathy pointed at the beanbag near the French windows.

Madeline did not resist her. Instead, she walked over to sit.

“Cathy, when did you come here? I remember something bad happened to you when we were in F Country.”

Madeline reminisced. There were some broken fragments of memories left in her brain.

Cathy smiled softly. “It’s been a while since I came back. Evie, don’t you remember? Back then, you’d come here once in a while. We would even talk for a bit.”

“Is that so?” Madeline asked while feeling unsure. She started to look for the related memories in her brain but could not find anything. She could only hear a man’s voice talking to her. It was repeating to her how much she hated Jeremy and loved Carter.


Madeline felt her head hurting.

When Cathy saw this, she used this opportunity to walk to Madeline and asked in concern, “Evie, are you okay?”

Madeline shook her head lightly, and her eyebrows were tightly knitted together.

“Evie, look into this crystal ball. You’ll feel better soon.” Cathy held up a crystal ball that was the size of an apple in front of Madeline.

Madeline lowered her head to look at it. While looking into this transparent crystal ball, her eyes started to lose focus gradually.

“Evie, do you feel relaxed after looking into this crystal ball? You won’t feel any burdens from your body to your heart. Now, you can let go of all of the troubles and worries. Close your eyes and have a peaceful sleep.”

After Cathy’s guidance, Madeline slowly closed her eyes.

Cathy let out a sigh of relief instantly.

She turned around and saw Jeremy and Adam standing at the door. She immediately shook her hand to tell them to leave.

Even though Jeremy wanted to be by Madeline’s side, he knew he could not be stubborn now. Also, he could not disturb her at this moment, so he went downstairs with Adam.

However, when he went downstairs, Jeremy saw a car parked at the front door. Then, Carter’s figure appeared at the door.