Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1606

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1606 – Even though Madeline was unconvinced, she did not have any ways to run away.

Since Jeremy knew the current Madeline was resisting him, he watched the door of the room for the entire night.

The next day when he went into the room, he saw that Madeline had changed into a more casual outfit. She was sitting on the bed, flipping through the photo album leisurely.

When she saw Jeremy coming in, she tossed the album to one side.

“How long are you going to keep me locked up for?” she asked straightforwardly.

Jeremy smiled warmly. “Linnie, you should be hungry, right? I made breakfast.”

“Oh yeah? I remember I was always the one making breakfast and waiting for you downstairs. However, you never cared,” Madeline said and walked downstairs after walking past Jeremy.

Jeremy did not mind what Madeline was saying to him now at all. He knew this was not her real intention.

‘However, how did she become like this?

‘Why would she think that we’re divorced and why does she keep mentioning those unhappy memories?’

Jeremy could not wrap his head around this. As such, he could only follow behind Madeline and try to keep a close distance with her.

Madeline went to the dining room downstairs. When she saw the breakfast Jeremy made for her, she reached out to take the plate and took a look. Then, she threw the plate at Jeremy’s foot disdainfully.

The food and plate were smashed on the floor, and Jeremy was stumped for a second.

“I won’t eat the food you made. Jeremy, you won’t be able to move me no matter what you do.”

Madeline’s cold gaze scanned Jeremy coldly.

Her extremely tough attitude baffled Jeremy.


If a normal person was not acting, how could her attitude be such polar opposites?

If she was truly acting, then they were the only ones here, so Madeline would not need to do that.

She did not look like she had lost her memories. It seemed more likely that someone had changed a part of her memories so that was why she was so hostile to him but so close to Carter.


This word flashed across Jeremy’s mind suddenly.

It was because he thought about what had happened to him back then.

Ding d**g.

The doorbell rang suddenly at this moment.

Jeremy could not think of anyone who would ring their doorbell now that they were living here. When he came back to his senses and turned around, he saw that Madeline had already walked over to open the door.

After the door was opened, the person who appeared was Carter.

When Madeline saw Carter, she was evidently thrilled. “Cart, it’s so good to see you!”

When Jeremy saw this, he was slightly dissatisfied. However, this dissatisfaction had nothing to do with Madeline.

It seemed that Carter knew that Madeline was here long before, so at this moment, he was not surprised at all.

“Eveline, are you okay? I’m here to take you home.” Carter smiled softly and reached out to Madeline.

Madeline lifted her hand to grab Carter’s, however, it was grabbed by Jeremy who strode over.

“Linnie, this is your home.” Jeremy’s face looked stern, but there was still gentleness on his face.

Madeline struggled to get away from him in discontent. “Jeremy, this is the last time I’m saying this. Stop pestering me.”


“You heard her, Mr. Whitman. Eveline doesn’t want anything to do with you anymore.” Carter’s lazy tone was laced with faint provocation. “Let go.”

While he said that, he curled the corners of his lips suddenly. He walked to Jeremy’s side, lowered his head slightly, and got close to Jeremy’s cheek. He parted his thin lips and said something in a deep voice.