Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1602

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1602 – “You’re the one who has no idea.” Jeremy lifted his cruel and domineering eyes. “I’m the boss of this hotel, and every corner of this hotel is my territory.”


The man was stumped for words after he heard that. It was clear that he did not know that Jeremy was the boss, but he quickly refuted.

“Mr. Whitman, even if you’re the boss, Mr. Carter has already booked the entire dining hall, so he has the right to decide who’s allowed to enter and who’s not. If you insist on barging in, then you’ll be going against the agreement. Mr. Whitman, according to the agreement, you have to pay for this.”

After hearing what the man said, Jeremy laughed instead of getting mad. “So, you think I look like someone who lacks this amount of money?”

“…” The man had no words.

When he was stumped for words faced against Jeremy’s calm and powerful aura, he saw Jeremy striding calmly into the dining hall.

The man was going to stop Jeremy at the door and embarrass him according to Carter’s wishes, but Jeremy owned this hotel!

They had not looked into this beforehand.

When he saw Jeremy walking into the dining room and a lot of upper-class gentlemen greeting him, the man quickly took out his phone to message Carter.

After Carter read the message he just received, he lifted his eyes to look at Madeline who was sitting on the sofa quietly.

He put down his phone and walked toward Madeline.

“Eveline Montgomery.”

He called her by her full name.

Madeline lifted her head after she heard that and looked into Carter’s eyes that were filled with a dangerous aura.

Carter looked straight into Madeline’s eyes and parted his lips to guide her. “Eveline, remember my face. I’m your husband now and Jeremy is your ex-husband. That person hurt you very bad back then so you despise him, do you remember?”

Madeline listened to the lies Carter made up and nodded obediently.

“I remember.”

Carter smiled in satisfaction with his lips pressed together. Then, he lifted his hand to wave it in front of Madeline.


He immediately changed his attitude and called out Madeline’s name with a soft and gentle tone.

Madeline seemed to have come back to her senses. Her initial clear and beautiful eyes were filled with a faint hint of foolishness. There was even a hint of dazzle in them.

She looked at the man who was wearing a custom-made suit in front of her and she seemed to be in a daze. “Cart.”

“Yeah,” Carter replied gently. “Eveline, go get ready and go to the party with me. Do you know that you’re the star of the party today?”

“Okay.” Madeline nodded obediently and got up slowly. “Carter, I want to go to the toilet.”

“Okay, go ahead. I’ll wait.” Carter went over and opened the door of the lounge for Madeline considerately.

Madeline was wearing her high heels and strutted forward elegantly.

When she was in the corridor that was leading to the toilet, she realized she had been here before.

She remembered the person she had been with was Jeremy. When they were walking together in her memories, they were smiling radiantly.

Madeline muttered to herself irresolutely while feeling absent-minded. While she was thinking about that, she felt a headache coming.

She walked to the sink in the toilet and used some water to pat her face. However, her thoughts did not calm down because of that.

Fragments of her memories appeared in her brain all at once, but in the end, they stopped at the scene where Jeremy forced her to sign the divorce papers.

Hiss! Madeline lifted her hands to press down on her temples. When she was about to rest for a while before leaving, a figure appeared behind her.