Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1584

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1584 – After everyone heard Naomi saying that, they thought she made sense.

That voice was not Eveline’s voice indeed.

After carefully hearing it, they found that Naomi’s voice was more similar to the one they had heard before.

When she noticed the people around her starting to side with her, Naomi started to feel pleased with herself. She pointed at Madeline and lifted her eyes. “You imposter, you’re in this state and you still want to impersonate me. You’re only here to make a fool of yourself!”

Madeline had an unperturbed attitude the entire time while facing Naomi’s provocations. “We’ll know who’s the one here to make a fool of themselves soon.”


Naomi started to feel anxious after seeing Madeline’s calmness.

She was wondering how could Madeline prove herself to be Eveline when she spotted Madeline walking next to a female reporter. “Do you have any perfume with you?”

The reporter looked at Madeline and was stumped for words while feeling confused. Then, she took out a mini bottle of perfume from her bag to hand it to Madeline.

“Thank you.” Madeline reached her hand over to take it.

Then, she opened the cap of the perfume in front of everyone and took a sniff.

After she took a sniff, she brought the perfume in front of Naomi.

“You say you’re Eveline, so you must know how to blend fragrances. If that’s the case, tell everyone here what blend is this bottle of perfume.”

“…” Naomi was immediately baffled.

She did not know how to blend fragrances, so how would she know about the process of making a bottle of perfume?

However, everyone started to remember Eveline was also a perfumer after being reminded.

“I guess you don’t know, right?” Madeline smiled softly and looked at the baffled Naomi. “Then, let me tell you.”

After that, Madeline listed out the ingredients of the perfume and used some professional jargon.

Naomi was stunned after hearing her. She had no idea.

Now, she understood that everyone around her was starting to side with Madeline.

Madeline returned the perfume to the reporter and thanked her.

She turned around to look at Naomi who had a look of embarrassment on her face and parted her lips to continue. “Aside from being a perfumer, you might also not know that Eveline has another occupation and it’s a jewelry designer.”


“Since you claim that you’re the real Eveline and I’m the imposter, then I shall ask you some basic questions about jewelry.”


“How are diamonds formed?”


This was a professional question that everyone in the jewelry industry knew about.

However, it was evident that this question stumped Naomi.

Naomi’s mouth was gaping, and she did not know how to answer this question.

Perfume blending? Jewelry? Aside from this face, she had no idea about the professional knowledge Madeline knew.

On the other hand, the answer was obvious after everyone saw her look of loss.

“You don’t even know this basic question and you have the guts to say that you’re Eveline?” Madeline asked. While observing Naomi’s more and more deranged expression, she smiled softly.

“If those can’t convince you, then what about these?” Madeline opened her palm and Ken appeared next to her without everyone’s knowledge. He placed a stack of documents in her hand.