Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1583

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1583 – “Gosh! There’s even something like this?”

Sounds of exclamation and shock came continuously from the crowd.

“I never knew there’s such plastic surgery!”

“They look the same!”

“There’s even no difference in their eyes!”

When everyone at the scene saw Madeline walking over, they were all flabbergasted.

When Naomi heard the exclaims from the crowd, she could feel her breathing getting erratic. She turned around to look in disbelief. When that familiar face was reflected in her eyes, Naomi felt as if her heart had stopped beating at that moment.

‘How is this possible?

‘How is this even possible?

‘Eveline isn’t d**d!’

However, Naomi had clearly pushed her into the river.

When that happened, Eveline was still unconscious. How could she still be alive?

Plus, what was up with her face?

She had been so hideous after the fire. Her face had been covered with scars but now, it was so delicate and flawless. Plus, she even looked fair and elegant.

Compared to her face that was covered with heavy makeup, Madeline looked even more attractive and charming.

There was not much surprise in Jeremy’s eyes when Madeline appeared. On the contrary, his eyes were filled with softness.

Madeline calmly walked over to Naomi when she saw her stunned and stupefied expression. Two seemingly similar faces were looking at each other, and this scene looked extremely shocking.

After the reporters were done feeling dazed, they started taking pictures and videos one after another.

Meanwhile, the netizens who were watching the live stream suddenly felt that this was getting interesting after they recovered from their shock.

They were starting to compare the differences between the two faces. While they were looking, they found some differences between the two of them.

Madeline’s features looked more delicate than Naomi’s. Of course, the most important thing was how Madeline’s eyes looked livelier. She had an elegant and noble temperament that seemed to encompass her in every move she made.

“You didn’t expect this, right? I’m not d**d.” Madeline parted her lips calmly. A beautiful curve appeared on the corners of her pink lips.

“…” Naomi parted her lips. She only came back to her senses after being dazed for a few seconds. She immediately accused Madeline, saying, “Who are you? Why did you get plastic surgery to look like me?”

She knew Naomi would say such things, so Madeline was very calm. “Naomi, stop trying to make pointless arguments. You’re a fake, so you’ll still be a fake at the end of the day.”


“Do you think you can smear my name by using my face to destroy my reputation and even saying those shameless things in public?”

Madeline lifted her beautiful eyes. There was a powerful sharp and cold glint in her eyes.

“You’re even more innocent than my one-year-old son.”

“…” Naomi was not someone powerful, so when Madeline started pressuring her, she was speechless for a moment. However, she knew she could not admit defeat at this moment.

“What rubbish are you talking about?” Naomi roared angrily. Her face started to look wretched.

They had the same face, but Naomi could never copy or impersonate Madeline’s calmness and composure.

“I don’t know where this plastic face came from. How dare she say I’m a fake?! Heh!” Naomi scoffed and crossed her arms across her chest. “Everyone, listen. Listen to this woman’s voice. It’s as rough as sandpaper. I guess all of you should have already heard how my voice sounds, right?”

Naomi felt that she had found a way to defeat Madeline. That was right, it was her voice.

Madeline’s face had recovered, but her voice had not.