Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1581

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1581 – Jeremy was wearing a neat and ironed limited edition suit. He was sitting in front elegantly with a dignified posture. When he saw Naomi appearing in front of him, he smiled lightly without a trace.

Naomi lifted her eyebrow at Jeremy while feeling pleased with her position. She said to the reporters in front of her, “Since everyone is present today, I want to announce something too.”

Announce something?

Everyone looked at each other before pointing the cameras and microphones over to Naomi.

“Mrs. Whitman, are there problems with your relationship with Mr. Whitman?”

“You’ve been seen entering all kinds of bars and clubs with different men. Are you admitting to this?”

“Will you divorce Mr. Whitman soon?”

Naomi glanced arrogantly at Jeremy who did not say anything while facing the reporters’ continuous questions. She started seriously spewing nonsense to the live stream, “It’s true that I was seen hanging out with a lot of men recently.”


They did not expect ‘Eveline’ to admit this so carefreely. Everyone at the scene was beyond shocked.

When the netizens who were watching the live stream heard this, they immediately spammed the comment section and yelled at her for being shameless.

She did such things without even her face turning red. Plus, she even acted as if what she was doing was inevitable and right.

However, Naomi felt at ease when she saw these people’s reactions. Today, she would drag Eveline through the mud completely.

She wanted Madeline to not be able to clear her name even in d***h!

After all, nobody here at the scene knew that she was an imposter except for Jeremy!

“Mrs. Whitman, why did you do such things? Is there a crisis in your and Mr. Whitman’s relationship?” the reporter asked.

“There’s no crisis,” Naomi answered directly, “It’s nobody’s fault that I’m a fickle and promiscuous wh*re.”



“I’m not like what all of you saw. The composed and noble socialite image I used to have is fake! I’m bad to the bone!”


Everyone was once again startled. They could not believe the young madam of the Whitman family was the one saying all this!

Naomi was satisfied with everyone’s reactions. She turned around and looked at Jeremy who was still sitting on the same spot while furrowing his eyebrows.

“My good husband, you must’ve felt troubled after marrying a fickle woman like me, right? Now, I’ll be announcing our divorce here. This way, no one will be able to say that you’re cuckolded by your wife, and at the same time, I’m able to keep hanging out with other men. What do you think?”


Everyone at the scene could not believe what they had just seen or heard. W-Was Eveline insane?

Or perhaps this was Evelines’s true face?

How disgusting!

The internet blew up as the netizens were all criticizing Eveline’s moral standing.

Was this the number one socialite of Glendale?

She could even say such statements. How extremely shameless!

The reporters were also stirred up. The reporters who had integrity could not help but criticize, “Mrs. Whitman, have you ever considered the fact that you’re also a public figure? Aren’t you worried that your reputation will be ruined by saying that?”

“What reputation do I have? This is my truest form.” Naomi looked nonchalant. “I was just pretending back then. Now, I don’t want to pretend anymore. What you’re seeing now is the true face of Eveline Montgomery.”


The public was once again speechless from shock after hearing what Naomi said.

However, they had no idea that the Naomi they were seeing in front of them was not the real Eveline. Right now, they only knew that Eveline was exposing her shortcomings as well as how she was a fickle wh*re with no sense of shame.