Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1565

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1565 – Madeline looked at the closed door suspiciously and could guess why Camille was looking for her.

Knock, knock.

Camille knocked on the door again and spoke at the same time.

“Eveline, I know you’re in there. Open the door.”

Without thinking further, Madeline walked over and opened the door.

When Camille saw that the door was open, she looked up at Madeline who was standing in front of her. She was silent for a few seconds before she spoke.

“I want to say sorry for what happened just now, and thank you for stopping me from drinking that bowl of soup in time.”

When Madeline heard Camille’s words of gratefulness and thanks, she was not particularly surprised.

When she recalled how sternly Camille had scolded Ada and her mother after seeing through their tricks with a clear head, Madeline knew that Camille was a person who knew right from wrong.

That was why she had already expected her to come over.

Her ability to apologize like this was enough to explain her character.

Madeline smiled. “It’s alright, Mrs. Gray, as long as you’re fine.”

Camille nodded lightly. Her beautiful, long slender eyes stayed on Madeline’s face for a moment. “You’re quite the cunning girl yourself. I’m not that stupid.”

When Madeline heard that, she looked at Camille with confusion.

“There was no earring in the pot. You were the one who put it in.”

Camille’s answer made Madeline suddenly realize something, but what Madeline did not expect was that Camille had seen through her own trick at the time but did not mention anything.

“The truth is, there’s no surveillance camera in the hallway. People with a guilty conscience will be afraid and uncover their own wrongdoings.”

Madeline did not know that Camille was also as clever, and that surprised her.

“Although I’m not very satisfied with you, at least you have no bad intentions.” Camille’s words sounded like a compliment to Madeline. “As long as you’re sincere to Carter, I won’t treat you badly as your future mother-in-law.”


Madeline did not expect Camille to approve of her, and that made her a little nervous.

“Your cooking skills are very good. I’m very satisfied with tonight’s dinner. You’ve worked hard the entire day, so go to bed early. Good night.”

“…” Madeline was out of it for two seconds before responding, “Good night.”

“Mmhmm.” Camille looked at Madeline again with satisfaction, turned, and left.

Madeline stood there for a while, closed the door, and quietly called Jeremy back.

Although Jeremy was very reluctant to have Madeline stay with Carter, he also knew that he could not stop Madeline from doing so. The only thing he could do was to investigate Carter’s background through his own means.

That was the only way to turn his position from that of passively waiting into being proactive.

It was quiet in the middle of the night.

Cathy woke up from a long dream. She dreamed of Felipe again.

She dreamt that a man called out her name, so she nodded and responded to him.

The images in the dream were very real, and her heartbeat was still beating erratically when she woke up.

Cathy glanced at the two children sleeping beside her, got up, and went downstairs cautiously.

From when she saved Felipe in the morning until now, he had not woken up and was still lying on the recliner in Adam’s office.

Cathy went to the living room and drank a glass of cold water to calm her chaotic heartbeat. It took a long time for her to calm her heartbeat down, and she started walking to Adam’s office.

Under the moonlight, she glanced at the recliner but unexpectedly found that there was no one on the recliner.

Felipe was gone.

Cathy quickly turned on the lights and ran to the recliner.

She reached out her hand to touch the blanket on the recliner and found that there was still some residual warmth on it.

Somehow, she felt that her heart was no longer that anxious.

She wondered if Felipe had gone far, but when she turned around, a tall and big body was in front of her.