Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1563

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1563 – After Madeline said that, everyone’s gaze landed on Madeline.

They followed Madeline’s gaze and their eyes fell on the spoon Madeline was holding.

However, when they saw what was on the spoon, Ada’s face fell. She subconsciously lifted her hand to touch her ear and realized the earring on her left ear had fallen without her knowledge.

It had fallen into the pot that was used to make the soup!

Ada’s heartbeat became erratic. She hurriedly lifted her hand to take off the earring on her right ear when Madeline looked over at her.

“Oh, this earring seems to be the same as the one you’re wearing right now, Miss Ada.”


Ada paused the movement of her removing her earring abruptly.

Carter and Camille looked at her at the same time. Then, the aunts all turned their attention to her.

A thin layer of cold sweat appeared on Ada’s forehead. Her eyes started shifting hurriedly as well.

“That’s not Ada’s earring!” Ada’s mother quickly tried to explain and defend her.

Madeline slowly lifted the corners of her lips. “If I’m not mistaken, this is an international luxury brand. Do you think it’s possible to see such a rare limited edition earring everywhere you go?”

“…” Ada’s face became even paler when she heard Madeline’s question.

Madeline’s smile grew wider. “If there’s this possibility, then may I ask where’s the earring on your left ear, Miss Ada?”


“Why were you in such a hurry to remove the earring on your right ear? Is it because you don’t want people to know that they’re a pair?”


Madeline asked three questions back to back but Ada was speechless. She lost the ability to retort.

Carter had already seen through everything when he saw Ada’s reaction.

He glanced coldly at Ada with a stern gaze that was covered in thorns. “How dare you do this sort of thing in order to chase Eveline away?!”

“…” When Ada heard that, she felt as if her heart had stopped beating. She explained in a panic, “Carty, I don’t know what happened. I lost my earring yesterday and have no idea why it’s in the pot.”

“You lost the earring yesterday but you’re wearing the other side today. Do you think I’m three years old?”


“Carter, t-this must be a misunderstanding. Camille is so good to Ada, so how could she possibly want to hurt Camille just to chase Eveline away? Ada is being slandered! It’s Eveline! It must be her!”

Ada’s mother was not flushed at all and her heart was not racing when she lied. She even wanted to push the blame to Madeline, but she realized there were some changes in Camille’s eyes.

Camille was obviously getting suspicious now because Ada’s guilty and panicked behavior had basically explained everything.

“Camille, are you seriously believing that woman instead of Ada?”

Ada’s mother displayed a hurt look.

“I can promise you that Ada won’t do such things. Plus, Ada has been with me this entire night. She didn’t even go into the kitchen, so how did she touch those things?

“You heard it just now. This woman said she wanted to seek revenge on me and Ada, so she must be the one who stole Ada’s earring to purposely do this. It must be!”

Camille’s expression looked calmer after she heard what Ada’s mother said.

“You really didn’t go into the kitchen?” Camille asked.

Ada’s mother answered affirmatively, “Not at all!”