Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1560

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1560 – Madeline was even more certain that there was something wrong with this soup now.

On the contrary, Camille felt that Madeline was pretending to be mysterious. She picked up the bowl again and lifted the spoon to have a taste.

Seeing this, Ada and her mother showed sinister smirks on their faces and widened their eyes to watch Camille drink the soup.

When Camille was about to put the soup in her mouth, Madeline suddenly stood up and stretched out her arm to slap the bowl in Camille’s hand away.

The bowl immediately slipped from Camille’s hand and fell on the marble floor with a loud c***h.

“Ah!” Camille exclaimed. She instinctively avoided the fragments and soup that splashed out. She raised her head, saying angrily, “Eveline Montgomery, what are you doing? Do you not want me to have a good meal? Do you want to go against me?”

Madeline’s move stunned everyone in the room.

Carter’s face sank instantly. He was obviously very displeased as he said coldly, “What are you doing?”

Ada and her mother were also shocked, but they did not forget to add fuel to the fire.

“Miss Montgomery, what are you doing? How could you do such a thing to Aunty Cammy?”

“Eveline, you have no manners at all! Do you think you can be reckless and do everything you want just because you have Carter supporting you? Are you showing your strength to Camille? How dare to treat your future mother-in-law like this? What would happen in the future if they really let you into the family?”

Ada’s mother also added fuel to the fire. When she saw that the look on Camille’s face was getting worse, she changed the direction of the wind and fanned the flames at Carter.

“Carter, this won’t work. If you let such a woman into your family, your mother will get mistreated in the future.”

Carter furrowed his eyebrows and looked askance at Ada’s mother with dissatisfaction.

Ada’s mother closed her mouth quickly and did not dare to m****e anymore, but the aunts next to her started to accuse Madeline one after another.

Madeline did not care about these people scolding her while aggressively gesticulating. She calmly picked up the chicken soup in front of her and smelled it again.

“What the h**l are you doing? Don’t you know that your behavior just now has crossed the line?” Carter’s tone was no longer as gentle as before, and it was obviously laced with blame at this moment.

“There are peanuts in this soup,” Madeline explained calmly.

When everyone heard it, they all looked at the bowls of soup in front of them in surprise—except for Ada and her mother.

Madeline glanced sideways at Ada and her mother. She was certain of the conjecture in her heart now.

“What? Peanuts?” Camille was shocked as a trace of panic flashed across her eyes.

Madeline also did not expect that peanuts would affect Camille so much. Her face changed drastically when she heard that.

After hearing this, Carter quickly tasted the chicken soup. After tasting it carefully, he was convinced. “It does have the taste of peanuts.”



Ada and her mother glanced at each other involuntarily. Then, they felt cold chills running down their backs inexplicably.

They never thought that things would develop like this. Ada had stuffed the peanuts into the belly of the chicken and they only drank the soup that was extracted after boiling. They could not even see the shadow of peanuts, but somehow Madeline was able to smell them!

“Why would there be peanuts in this soup? Didn’t Carter tell you that I’m allergic to them?” Camille questioned Madeline furiously.

“I know. It’s precisely because I know that’s why I stopped you like that,” Madeline explained calmly.

Camille chuckled, avoiding the soup not far from her feet like it was venomous. “You know? If you know then why are there still peanuts in the soup? Eveline, you are the one responsible for the dishes tonight!”

“I am in charge of the dishes and I also know that you can’t touch peanuts, but I can’t guarantee who went in during the period I left the kitchen and what this person did while they were in there.”

As she said that, Madeline cast her gaze on Ada.