Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1533

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1533 – Madeline looked at the man who had suddenly appeared behind her in shock. She quickly turned around and pressed the collar of the gown against her chest.

Her eyes widened in shock. She looked at the custom-made suit on the man, and his figure was accentuated perfectly by the suit.

Carter was good-looking. He was extraordinary, from his rare temperament to his appearance.

However, Madeline was uncomfortable with his sudden appearance.

“Why are you here?”

“I’ve always been here. You just didn’t notice me.” Carter’s answer was natural.

“…” Madeline parted her lips and was speechless at that moment.

Carter had been here from the start!

Did that mean he saw her changing just now?

It was as if he sensed Madeline’s discomfort, but Carter’s eyes looked oddly calm.

“I don’t have the habit of watching people change. I was sitting there the entire time, and I have no idea what was going on over here.”

He explained.

Madeline let out a sigh of relief silently. She did not think that he was lying to her as well.

“So, can I zip you up now?” Carter continued asking.

“Thank you, Mr. Carter. I’ll ask someone else to help me.” Madeline still declined politely.

Carter did not force her as well. He turned around and opened the door of the dressing room to call a maid over to help Madeline.

After Madeline was dressed, the maid even considerately helped her with her short hair.

A few months had passed and Madeline’s short hair was slightly longer now. The maid was skillful, so she braided Madeline’s hair. At the same time, she put a scarf that was the same color as Madeline’s gown on her hair.

Madeline did not remove her mask, but when the maid saw her eyes, she could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“Miss Montgomery, I think you must’ve looked super gorgeous before your accident. I hope your face will recover soon.”

“Thank you.” Madeline thanked her sincerely. Madeline felt that the friendliest people in this manor were the maids.

On the other hand, the person who was the most confusing and difficult to see through was Carter.

He did not show his emotions and neither did he smile a lot. Most of the time, he would be as cold as an iceberg.

He said he wanted Madeline to put on a show with him, but most of the time, he would behave disdainfully.

After Madeline was done, Carter came over to take a look.

He did not say anything, but after looking at Madeline’s eyes, he said, “Do you have any pictures of you from before your accident? I suddenly want to know what a woman with eyes so beautiful as yours used to look like.”

Madeline did not know whether Carter was praising her as the man had no expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Carter. You saw what happened. I fell into the sea during the accident and had nothing on me. I don’t have any old pictures as well. Plus, I looked pretty ordinary before I was d********d. My eyes are the only decent things about me.”

“It’s enough to have these eyes,” Carter said, handing the notebook in his hand to Madeline. “Look closely at the requests written here. Don’t make any mistakes later.”

Before Madeline had a chance to ask him what it was, Carter had already left after lifting his long legs.

This man was cold and arrogant most of the time. It was as if he was looking down on everyone. However, sometimes he would have a gentle and soft side as well.

Madeline did not think much about Carter’s personality before opening the notebook in her hands. She would have no idea before she read it, but after she did, she was shocked.

Inside, there were so many rules and regulations about what she should say and do at the engagement party later.

Was it really just a show? There was even a script.

Madeline had no choice. In the next two hours, she stayed alone in the dressing room to memorize the requests written in the notebook.